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Stephen - frelwizer

Nov 29, 2021, 9:31:21 AM11/29/21
For all the bragging Apd has done on this topic, the 'College Professor'
does not understand how to do this. It only takes a couple seconds to select
a sentence and 'PDF convert' it.

GNU is based on Linux. Even if Apd is too stupid to figure that out.

This forum is a cesspool. I am an absolute fanboi of 3d printers, because
that's where all the stimulating innovation is happening.

Apd doesn't have any concept of what he is sniveling about.

The only way that I could condone 3d printers's constant demand for tinkering
because of programing headaches or buggy design flaws is if I consumed
the substantial amount of Kool Aid flavors its developers have been pushing
since 2005. Search for 'functionally illiterate fraud' and Dustin Cook
will forever be there: <>.

I Left My Husband & Daughter At Home And THIS happened,+Kingsport,+TN+37663/
Dustin Cook the Fraud
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