Strange iPhone sharing experience

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D.M. Procida

Nov 28, 2021, 4:55:54 PM11/28/21
This morning, I wanted to share an article I'd read on the Guardian, so in the
usual way, I selected the sharing icon that opened the usual list of recent
contacts in Messages and chose the recipient.

She didn't get it. When I looked at Messages afterwards, it turned out that it
hadn't been sent to her at all. It had been sent to a Belgian mobile phone
number, one that I don't recognise and have absolutely no idea to whom it
might belong, and (obviously) has no message history either.

So, a complete mystery.

To make it better, the article was "The secret to great sex? It’s not what you
think …". I hope the Belgian recipient enjoyed it, I thought it was actually
quite a good piece.

There's some potential for embarrasmment in a mechanism like this that
misfires, as you can appreciate.

Afterwards, I tried the same thing again. It goes to the right person if I
choose Messages then the recipient, but if I select her icon from the top row
of recipients, it selects the Belgian number for the message.


HHI the imaginary friend

Nov 28, 2021, 5:30:29 PM11/28/21
"Missed it by that much" said Sigmond's husband.

What did Chrisv assume from the lying imbecile? That Sigmond nincompoop
has nothing to waste but time. He has nothing else, especially not a life.
The Clam engine had a false positive hit, and the CLI clamXAV reported what
the kernel which can not created by the same folks or company reported it.
Sigmond never takes culpability for his own comments. Actions that are easily
quoted and pointed out.

Sigmond's actions are quite fully disingenuous. There's zero ambiguity that
as soon as any forgiven 'filtered person' does anything to frighten the inferior
milksop's feelings that they'll be ignored again.

My Snoring Solution!
Steve Petruzzellis the Narcissistic Bigot


Nov 28, 2021, 6:10:46 PM11/28/21
Just tried it here and it works as expected. Couldn't find that specific
article, but other guardian articles work fine. I'm using the guardian app
and am on iOS 14.8.1

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