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Stephen Carroll

Sep 11, 2021, 7:58:05 AMSep 11
Not only did Wolffan's question fail to allude to the "desktop", it has
zilch to do with the desktop. Snit sock Snit Michael Glasser should enter
a drug rehab program ;) Gee, imagine Snit sock Snit Michael Glasser trying
to pin his codswallop on me or others, no one has ever seen that before
8|. How many more chances does Snit sock Snit Michael Glasser's dim witted
ass (a house fly knows more than Snit sock Snit Michael Glasser and is
useful) need to prove their Wolffan spamming accusation with message IDs?
Do you believe the nonsense Snit sock Snit Michael Glasser is posting?

You're like a full moon on a cloudless night. We all see you there and
tell you as much. And you're so brain-dead you keep repeating it.

That is the problem 'today' and newer pupils don't have a clue, people
from past generations *should* know better than to fall for the indoctrination

For all the big talk Snit sock Snit Michael Glasser has done on this
topic, the 'Computer Instructor' does not know how to do this. It takes
a couple seconds to click and drag across a range and 'translate' it.

Best CMS Solution of 2017
Dustin Cook the functional illiterate fraud
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