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Access And Download My Facebook Account

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Syreeta Emmons

Dec 31, 2023, 11:51:07 AM12/31/23
We appreciate you replying to us about your account, Bu5hy. We want to help you get you back into your account so you can enjoy your Quest 2 again. So that we can look up your account, please PM us so we can protect your personal info. Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message. Hope to see you there soon!

access and download my facebook account

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I've got a friend who is dealing with somewhat of a convoluted stolen account issue. This is my last resort in getting it recovered so any help, even a nudge in the right direction would be appreciated.

Several months ago my friend lost access of her personal Facebook account to a hacker who changed the password and changed the first name on her account. I tried to help her recover it but wasn't able to make any progress and so the issue lay dormant for about four months. I decided to pick it up and try again and here is what I am running into now. I am able to log into Facebook using her email address and an updated password through password recovery. However, when I log in I am taken to a completely blank Facebook profile with nothing more than her name. Her "stolen account" is still active and accessible on Facebook. From what I can gather the hacker has disconnected her Facebook account from its original email address and created a new profile using that email address and has attached her profile to an email address that he has control of. I don't know if that is possible, this is simply my observation because I can log into Facebook using her original email address but can't access her original profile.

I have deleted my Facebook account and now am unable to access my original Spotify account. I had to create this account to post a thread here since my original Spotify account is "already in use." I contacted spotify support twice but haven't had any replies in my spam or inbox. I'm mainly concerned that I will continue being charged for a Spotify premium account I'm locked out of, but would like to continue the premium service under my original account if possible.

Thanks for trying, although I can't help but feeling like Spotify moderators should know that Spotify accounts made after sometime around September 2011 can't be unlinked from Facebook anyway; many people seemed to confirm it on the forums. I re-enabled my Facebook account (which apparently is also refusing to delete) and was able to at least unsubscribe from Spotify, even though I still can't figure out how to delete my Spotify account. I guess I'll never be leaving Spotify's or Facebook's database.... Shame on me for not reading the 10 page EULAs carefully enough. I'll be sharing all of this information with anyone I know who is interested in a paid Spotify service.

Thanks for trying, although I can't help but feeling like Spotify moderators should know that Spotify accounts made after sometime around September 2011 can't be unlinked from Facebook anyway; many people seemed to confirm it on the forums.

Just to clarify though, we've not told Facebook users they can disconnect their accounts. Only users that have a unique Spotify username can connect/ disconnect from Facebook. In fact, we've made it clear that FB users that try to disconnect will run into issues such as the one you previously had.

Guys. If you created your account using facebook, you won't have a spotify username - it will just be shown as an account number under your account overview. If you want to have a non-facebook spotify account, you will need to create a new account using a spotify username/password which won't be linked to facebook and customer services will help you transfer your subscription, playlists and other information over to the new account.

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Here's what we got from you:

I have an account linked to my Facebook page. I am currently in the process of permanently deleting my Facebook page(the 14 day exp. starts today). Can I still save my playlists and have them synced to my new account, that has not yet been created. Please help. I am a paying customer.

If you have a question about Spotify, your first stop should be the Spotify Community for support from other users. This is also a great place to read up on any company updates that might affect your service as well as posting your own ideas and feedback.

Then check out our Help pages The FAQs contain solutions to the most common queries and guides on how to use Spotify's features.

You can also now follow or Tweet our Spotify Customer Service Team Spotifycares for all things Spotify.

We're sure that these solutions will help you with your query. Remember that we'll keep you in the loop on any major service updates via our Twitter:


Kind regards,

Spotify Customer Service Team


If you havent foudn any help which i'm guessing you didn't becasue Spotify customer service is awful, here is what I ahve been doing. I was recently having trouble with spotify on my phone after i deactivated my facebook. If you actually deactivated and didn't delete your FB. Go ahead and uninstall spotify, reactivate your FB, install spotify and log in with facebook again. After this you should have all your playlists etc and then you can deactivate FB again and it will work.

IT's ridiculous you can't seperate spotify from your Facebook and even more ridiculous that spotify doesn't care enough yo let you. I hate Zuckerberg and i'm glad those bros stole his money.

I searched but couldn't find anything on how to access a Facebook account if you know the access token, so I couldn't understand this security issue. Can anyone tell me how a hacker can access a Facebook account if they know the access token?

But that is not your question. You want to know how an access token provides access to the account of another user. This requires some knowledge on how a website authenticates you and gives you access. Session management explained here.

In a normal flow, you authenticate using a password, bio-metrics, etc. In exchange for a valid authentication, you receive a session id which is often stored in a cookie. For every other request, you add this session ID to prove that you are the same user as then one who authenticated successfully. An access token is basically a session identifier. It is provided to a user after successful authentication. The token can have a certain privilege level attached to it. This allows you to get a low privilege access token when using weak authentication such as password, or a high privilege access token when using stronger authentication such as bio-metrics. Probably, the view-as functionality provides you with an access token for a user other than yourself (the person you are viewing as). Due to some bug (unclear to me as well), this access token can be attached to other requests and result in a successful response.

Attack flow: 1. I view as my target user. 2. I somehow receive an access token for this target user. 3. I fetch 'my profile' but use the access token of my target user. 4. I receive the profile info of the target user.

The entire concept of tokens, SSO, session is more complex and I cut some corners. A session identifier often refers to a piece of information on the server which feeds access control with user attributes to base access control decisions on. An access token is often self contained, meaning it holds the user attributes possibly encrypted and signed.

I do not want to open a Facebook account, but I've been asked to develop features for an app that requires using the Facebook API. Is there a way to develop these features and use the Facebook API without opening a personal Facebook account and letting Facebook start mining information about me?

You could open a false account but that too is frowned apon by Facebook. I was once asked (politely), by Facebook, to send "an official government document" complete with a picture in order to verify that a user was indeed representing a real "John Smith" (Yes... wrong name choice I guess ;) In any case - obviously I couldn't provide such documents and the account was closed - so I'd recommend against it.

You might be able to ask your client to provide a Facebook account. In any case one should always have more than one administrator for an application (usually your's and your client's accounts). This is to ensure that one of you will always have control over the application. If one of your accounts gets suspended/closed then you'll still be able to access the settings through the other.

In my story of John Smith - I had left some applications under sole administration of Mr. Smith and when his account got closed I lost all control over those applications and had to contact Facebook to deal with the issue; I managed to resolve this and transfer ownership of the application in the end.

If you log into your Square Space account and go to Settings/Connected Accounts, you should see the connected social media accounts you have already connected. Chances are they have expired. Click on the red notification that says "Unauthorized - Remove or reauthenticate this account for continued usage." Click on the site in question and it will allow you reuthenticate it.

This has to do with your personal account being connected to the Instagram. If you go to Instagram -> Settings -> FACEBOOK Account Center -> Click your personal page that's connected to the account -> Disconnect

This breadcrumb trail doesn't work. This is super annoying and even more annoying that Squarespace doesn't have a tutorial or any help on this issue.

I'm also getting the message "error_type": "OAuthException", "code": 400, "error_message": "Your account is connected to Facebook account, and your Facebook account's future off-Facebook activity is currently turned off."

Edit: Since I'm now getting the same message on, I'm suspecting this is a FB problem with some new fresh heck they're rolling out.


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