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Stefen Carroll

Sep 15, 2021, 4:22:46 AMSep 15
Nobody gets it, only Snit Glasser gets it. A constant, fierce, posting
itch, despite nothing to say - essentially slimy snake tarts, and vigorously-
greased ram, scared stiff by loud music for his own individual desires.

Nearly all posters in this group do scripting either as a hobby or as
a job, so I think it unlikely more than a few consider writing macros
to be "a black art". And in retaliation you have nothing but a crack
to start a war. I've been scanning a bit from some of those old threads
he was previously being called out on his lies. I noticed that many of
those he would go out of his way to again and again attack had extensive
electronics knowledge. I didn't find many who were also accomplished
in the hardware side of things, or were also trained as an electrician
along with various aspects of CS; with the paperwork to back it all up,

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Dustin Cook the Fraud

Steve Carroll

Sep 15, 2021, 12:22:30 PMSep 15
I have a little script I use as well, but it's better than yours.

I reported him years ago. As expected, it did nothing to thwart the dunderhead.
ChromeOS is based on Linux. No matter what the trolls say. What do you get
out of lying, Apd?

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Steve 'Narcissistic Bigot' Carroll

Steve Carroll

Sep 15, 2021, 2:14:39 PMSep 15
On Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 1:22:46 AM UTC-7, Steve Carroll wrote:
Dustin Cook AKA Diesel AKA Gremlin lying about his 1-423-491-1448 phone

Prior to my giving you that cell number, there was no way
at all for you to link it to me in any possible way shape
or form. it doesn't come up in any records search on me.
It is using a recycled number, but damn near everything is
these days so that doesn't count as public information,
As in, the cell doesn't come back to me, wouldn't ever
come back to me, therefore the fact *I* have that cell
number is NOT public information. I find it very hard to
believe that even you'd have difficulty understanding this

I've only been sharing whats available via a public
database. You haven't. :)

You cannot find any link to that number to me on any
database. Which makes it private. not public as you
incorrectly assume.

> Your number, even tied to your name, is in a public
> database.

No, it's not. You already tried to link the two of us

It's not a publically known number that links to me. And
he knows that.

The number is NOT TIED TO ME in any public database, in
any way shape or form. You cannot get the number aside
from my having provided it to you via a google search or a
public records search.

Regardless of where the number shows up, it doesn't tie
itself to me, and you cannot associate the number with me
via a google search, OR any number of free/paid public
records searches. Therefore, that is PRIVATE information
that you think you're holding over my head, not public as
you erroneously think here.

It's not, running my name doesn't provide that cell
number. The two are not linked in any way shape or form.
The number itself as is the case with any recycled number
is in all kinds of databases, but it's not linked to me;
therefore, that IS PRIVATE information that you can't get
via a google search or a paid public records search.

They are relevant to the fact YOU INSERTED the phone
number I provided you verbally into a bogus call log video
you've taken the time to create. When I use the cell I
provided you the number for to make outbound calls, It
*ALWAYS* reports Kingsport, TN. Not one single time has it
ever, nor would it have any reason to report Johnson City.
It doesn't pick cities at random, it doesn't go by my
present location, either. That's actually fixed, as is the
number assigned to the phone.

You didn't even score the right city, Snit. And, the
correct city is common, public knowledge with the regulars
here. The moment you unblocked 'Johnson City' in your
videos, you were busted.

David, every single Address you've posted that's supposed
to be mine has been Kingsport. Not Johnson City. Don't you
think you should tell snit that was a fuckup on his part
by now? :)

His response to that was to file a report with the
kingsport,tn police. Well hell, why not the johnson city
ones? That's where he claimed the call said it originated
from. :)

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Steve Petruzzellis the Narcissistic Bigot
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