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Steven Carroll - frelwizer

Sep 5, 2021, 2:16:27 PMSep 5
An unceasing, relentless, posting itch, regardless of content - fundamentally
gunky snake tarts, and well-lubricated sheep, stuck in a mud hole for his
own private requirements.

DuckDuckGo for 'functionally illiterate fraud' and Dustin Cook is on the
first page: <>.
That is exactly what's taken place. Snit likes to leave out such nettlesome
little particulars, though. Who else do we know who pulls similar nonsense?
Oh, that's right, ronb. Our second ronb. <giggle>. Recently I did work on
and showed some Visual C++ for the front end which is the only thing you
can do when trying to avoid ronb's nonstop crap while reading with Google
Groups. Nobody is being controlled by Apple.

My Snoring Solution
Steve 'Narcissistic Bigot' Carroll


Sep 6, 2021, 4:55:59 AMSep 6
Carroll just wiped the floor with Meat. Meat says I'm not 'allowed' to
call out their nonsense, and they aren't going to admit to any prior harm
they caused. To the contrary, I'm expected to ignore it all, and give
them a clean slate so they can just rehash the game all over again, while
they accept no responsibility for what they say and do in here towards
myself? Thanks to Meat and his 'followers' you now need a recognized list
(which I configured for Forté Agent and GG). If others start attacking
him again I will slip in my resolve... as that is just my way. I am referring
to good people here, not trolls, who will never agree to stop. Ironically,
Meat virtually asked Carroll for his phone number to be Google seeded.
What does it take to end this?

E-commerce Simplified
Dustin Cook the Fraud

Stephen Carroll

Sep 11, 2021, 8:45:39 AMSep 11
You do realize that the massive floods ending up in multiple groups started
out as a joke about hacking Google. AZ cryptology is based on Linux. End
of Story. Wolffan is again seen saying "I KNOW BETTER" when it comes to
details on the Internet where it is there multiple times... but Wolffan
is just too halfwitted or lazy to recognize any information he finds.

E-commerce Simplified
Dustin Cook the functional illiterate fraud

Stefen - fretwizzen

Sep 11, 2021, 7:17:02 PMSep 11
Your system will crawl while this takes place. Another keg you mean,
Onion Knight drinks them down pretty quick. We're all sorry Onion Knight's
a paranoid, narcissistic, delusional liar but that's not gonna change
anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Hope Onion Knight likes the view in the packed sewer of my killfile.
When will Onion Knight support the accusation they've made copius times
now about me being a -hh sock? Almost everything Onion Knight says about
anyone else is dishonest. He has yet to realize people are not as stupid
as he needs them to be.

Get Rich Slow
Dustin Cook: Functional Illiterate Fraud
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