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Sep 18, 2021, 2:35:30 PMSep 18
Mike Easter says I'm not 'able' to call out their bullshit, and they aren't
going to acknowledge any prior trolling they caused. To the contrary, I'm
expected to discount it all, and play make believe with them so they can
just rehash the process all over again, while they continue to accept no
responsibility for what they say and do online towards Snit?

All that Mike Easter cares about is that Mike Easter gets to convey his
poorly written flyer and then hang up and giggle about it. The fact that
Snit is an innocent patsy on the other end of the phone is his motivation.
Everyone is Mike Easter -- the oldest gag in the book.

Give an example of a successful corporation that has made its wealth by
not giving a damn about its consumers or merchandise. Snit just wiped his
ass with Mike Easter.

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Dustin Cook the Fraud

Steve Carroll

Sep 28, 2021, 11:47:26 AMSep 28
It should not matter because the apparent origin on a post does not matter,
it's the content that counts. If the content is a bunch of rambling Wolffan-
like crap. We know what that means. Wolffan's essentially enticing Snit
Michael Glasser to keep feeding him by trying to 'produce screen casts',
specifically, his clueless efforts and Snit Michael Glasser's efforts
to help him become a better engineer. He needs attention, and as long
as you are willing to continue do his bidding, he will remain. Where
did Wolffan learn to program? BTW, I've already pointed out that his
use of "cult-like" to describe true advocates is denigrating, since he's
likening them to migratory fowl. It's like a front page hog. Wolffan
has already decided what he is going to say before he calls. What you
say doesn't matter. What Snit Michael Glasser says is ignored.

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Steve 'Narcissistic Bigot' Carroll

Steve Carrolll - frelwizzer

Oct 4, 2021, 2:55:36 AM (12 days ago) Oct 4
Ryan Sullivan and the advocates suggest asking for a recommendation for
a FOSS application is attacking.

What is your evidence? Those who know our history knows the flood bot
is not generated in the nature Ryan Sullivan is saying, and many of them
are simply manually written.

The pathological liar does it every time. Then the flood begins. Because
the sissy just has to run to other groups.

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Dustin Cook the Fraud

Michael Glasser

Oct 4, 2021, 3:43:55 AM (12 days ago) Oct 4
Mike Easter claimed the headers were entirely consistent with many of
the forgeries. Well, why is he having such trouble backing his statement
up when asked to do so? In other words, if his statement was actually
true, and not just a trolling attempt to come to William Poasters rescue?

And in response you have nothing but an attempt to start something.
I've been reading a bit from some of those old threads he was previously
short circuiting. I noticed that many of those he would go out of his
way to often attack had considerable high-tech knowledge. I didn't find
many who were also experienced in the component side of things, or were
also trained as an technician along with various aspects of IS; with
the degrees to back it all up, too.

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