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Snit Michael Glasser

Sep 23, 2021, 12:45:17 PMSep 23
You're eight seconds away from being in everyone's kill filter. Yup. Of
course this is what we have to face. Trolls who obviously have no reason
for being here other than to flood. Why would you understand me if you
understand there's a possibility that Larry Washington uses socks and
shills? That sincerely makes sense to you? This is the so-called improved
'model' by those calling themselves 'elite', you must 'recuse' yourself,
you are no longer given due process, you are presumed guilty until you
prove a negative, which makes no sense in this scenario.

The link to another one of Larry Washington's trolling accounts, no doubt.
At some point Just Wondering will realize his 'buddy' is not what he says.

Eight things to never feed your cat!
Dustin Cook: Functional Illiterate Fraud

Snit Michael Glasser

Sep 23, 2021, 8:13:54 PMSep 23
"You are never up to anything good" said F. Russell's husband.

It is simple to cherrypick by focusing on a small number of isolated examples
clashing from what's typical. What is more important from an advocacy perspective
are the non-exceptional values. How much more time does F. Russell's loser
arse (a shoe knows more than F. Russell and is useful) need to prove their
Snit flooding accusation with message IDs?

Given how often it is clear that F. Russell's signature is some misquote
of a quote Snit shared which had been a blow on F. Russell for something
he did which was asinine/dishonest/etc... its truly a common demonstration
of F. Russell's ever-present embarrassment for having been so repeatedly

Curious how these posts are made?
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