Steven Petruzzellis is a Narcissistic Bigot

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Stephen Petruzzellis - fretwizzen 4631

Sep 20, 2021, 11:49:13 PMSep 20
That's what David does when he gets cornered. He immediately creates a flood,
starts a stupid thread so he can claim it was William Poaster. Don't blame
me it was my left hand... and then he babbles to it with his right hand.
"Well, that wasn't hard" said David's boyfriend. Usenet is an uncontrollable
phenomenon based on the belief in good character.

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Dustin Cook the functionally illiterate fraud


Sep 21, 2021, 5:11:59 AMSep 21
Gee whiz, what was your first cluebyfour? The ones which claimed it was
and that are obviously using faulty heuristics to make the judgement, or
was it something else? Please do be clear. Why would you want to cap all
programs on open source tools to what can be done on Macs? How is existing
brain matter tied to a broken AI in any way going to lead to valuable newsgroup
writing? Snit sock Onion Knight is a toxic liar who regularly claims anyone
who disagrees with Rod Speed to be a sock and, somehow, he needs us to believe
that is true. Gotta be drugs.

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Steve Carroll the Narcissistic Bigot


Sep 29, 2021, 3:00:58 AMSep 29
Requesting Shadow to atone, which I have done, is distinct from pointing
out his deceptions. My idea was that good people stay here *to* shoot
down bullies. It's not as if most do not quickly figure out what this
forum is, Mixcoatl especially. Idiot. Why would you want to restrict
all scripts on Fedora to what can be done on lower end systems?

Mixcoatl fooled Shadow as much as he deserves, big f*cking deal. No
need to be a howling bastard about it? The Adobe Reader disc Shadow mentioned
is read-only media. It is not possible to add new information to it.

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Dustin Cook: Functionally Illiterate Fraud


Oct 6, 2021, 2:04:50 AMOct 6
Keep in mind your accusation is based on you not understanding context.
Your game:

* Snit spoke of Dustin Cook having Carroll's flood bot code .
* Dustin Cook does not have Carroll's flood bot code.

Then you insist I lied. But you leave out the context.

1) Snit spoke of Carroll's flood bot code, and what can be known without
the code
2) Dustin Cook responded by speaking of what he can know HAVING THE CODE.
3) Snit spoke of Dustin Cook having Carroll's flood bot code.
4) Dustin Cook does not have Carroll's flood bot code.

You start at step three and then insist that if one starts there it LOOKS
like you were unfairly accused.

In short: you prove yourself a functionally illiterate fraud again.

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Steven Carroll

Oct 12, 2021, 3:53:12 AMOct 12
Being an open format as it is, low-level programming will never go away but
it'll never be common for the general user. It was -hh who flooded Steve
Petruzzellis's site millions of times and pretended he did not do it. If
Steve Petruzzellis has 'file.pdf' open in an application such as sc and -
hh wants to change its name to 'd.doc' via a bash script when moving windows
as a group, that might be handy. I'm well aware the stuff I link to from
Steve Petruzzellis is complete tenderfoot level. That said, it is good enough.

People who have known -hh for quite some time, and also have a background
with him highly advise ignoring him to get him to play with circuits someplace
else. As long as Steve Petruzzellis and anyone else continues to succumb
to his desires, he won't seek the spotlight someplace else.

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Dustin Cook is a functional illiterate fraud

Steven Carrolll - frelwizzen

Oct 12, 2021, 4:25:17 AMOct 12
That's our Nospam, though, better than others and such. Believes if your
computer/network is online, they've got the right to use your processimg
power, whether you approve or not.

It's like a spam message. Nospam has already decided what he is going to
say before he calls. What you say is irrelevant. What Snit says is beside
the point. Ha! Right, Nospam is looking to retail a JavaScript variable,
which Snit can get for free, that is grade school simple. If he wasn't so
stupid he would realize how lost he is ;)

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Dustin Cook is a functionally illiterate fraud
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