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David Brooks

Nov 23, 2021, 2:58:04 PM11/23/21
On 23/11/2021 14:48, Desperate Dan wrote:
> On 23/11/2021 14:08, David Brooks wrote:
>> On 20/01/2019 00:16, YK wrote:
>>> On 1/19/19 3:11 PM, David B. wrote:
>>>> On 19/01/2019 19:12, Bob Campbell wrote:
>>>>> On 1/19/19 3:54 AM, David B. wrote:
>>>>>> What action would *YOU* take in response to this email I've
>>>>>> recently received?
>>>>>> I DID pay for the service and use it on my old machine!
>>>>> I would read the very first ******** sentence, which TELLS *you*
>>>>> what to do.
>>>> I clicked on the link!
>>>> Would *YOU* install this?
>>> No
>> What about this?
>> Is this genuine, or a scam?
> Do you think it is? If so, why?

I do. See below.

> BTW you're responding to a post nearly 3 years old. The world has moved
> on a lot in that time.

Indeed, but Mac malware is increasing!

This is what another Apple user says:-

MID <cPf*>

What I'm suggesting is that I'm not convinced AV as an industry is a healthy
one. 20 years ago when everyone was running Windows 98 it was full of holes
and AV was necessary. The threats were primarily viruses that had been
floating around for years. Nowadays OSes are much better at protecting
themselves against attacks, and the threats that remain are often zero-days,
which AV doesn't protect you against. In the main, vulnerabilities are
closed by keeping your system up to date, and by thinking twice when you get
a popup asking for permissions for something.

Meanwhile AV vendors have got slimier - showing ads, installing other
unrelated software, sending telemetry home, dubious takeovers of AV firms,
increasing scaremongering about all the nasties out there (that your OS
already protects you from). AV itself hooks into all kinds of low level
interfaces on your machine where it has a huge amount of power to be malware
if it wanted to, and in doing so it slows down your machine. While it may
not actually be malware, it can sometimes cause the same performance
impact as malware (no comments about Macs here, I've mostly observed this on

Having successfully marketed to people in the 2000s that AV was a must, I'm
not convinced it is actually useful in this day and age. But I'm open to
opinions, which is why I'm curious as to whether it has ever actually found



I hope this helps.



Nov 23, 2021, 3:54:20 PM11/23/21
On Tue, 23 Nov 2021 19:58:02 +0000, David Brooks <Dav...@invalid.E-S>

>Meanwhile AV vendors have got slimier - showing ads, installing other
>unrelated software, sending telemetry home, dubious takeovers of AV firms.

All of those bad points apply to Avast, yet the poster known
as Mrs Parrot (he has 98 other #FAKE_NYMS) quite often SPAMS for the
criminals that own it.
What does that say about his character?

PS Subject changed. This thread is so old it stinks as bad as
BD does on a "good" hangover day.

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I'm always here to help, this page was put up at BD's request,
rather, he said "Do it *NOW*!":


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