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Steve Carroll

Nov 28, 2021, 4:41:08 AM11/28/21
In fact Snit Glasser Michael's lies only grew. So obviously I regret
not attacking Snit Glasser Michael. While I am sure he liked it, being
nice to him made things worse.

After yesterday's update I no longer want to gouge out my eyeballs from
the flicker of the screen. Given how frequently it seems that Snit Glasser
Michael's post is some exaggeration of a quote Gregory Hall wrote which
had been a thrashing on Snit Glasser Michael for something he did which
was daffy/inaccurate/etc... its clearly a repeated gesture of Snit Glasser
Michael's deep rooted butthurt for having been so repeatedly destroyed.

Gregory Hall can create a virtual machine. Rips what that Mac can do
to shreds!

Curious how these posts are made? Email:

David Brooks

Nov 28, 2021, 6:22:20 AM11/28/21

Stefen Petruzzellis 9011

Nov 28, 2021, 7:20:39 AM11/28/21
Despite Rod Speed's claim that he has "no interest in making trouble" (a
lie as confirmed by the fact that he destroyed CSMA with his crap) he was
quoted asking others how they would trick someone to give up their password.

Michael Snit Glasser has gone the extra mile, essentially hand holding Rod
Speed on coding practices only for Rod Speed to blindly attack him and continue
to show that he has no real interest in the subject. In all reality, it's
too hard for snit. What is your evidence?

Rod Speed is far too unintelligent to write a complex script. The only scripting
he's able to do is click, click, drool, drool. Well... like I said, Michael
Snit Glasser would never deny the flooder is Rod Speed, who is a self professed
C developer but I don't know if it could be used to get by Google's spam

This Trick Gets Women Hot For You
Dustin Cook the functionally illiterate fraud

Steve Carroll

Nov 28, 2021, 8:40:41 AM11/28/21
"Now that was close" said Gremlin's imaginary friend HHI's husband. Richard
Stallman is a false advocate's biggest fear. It's a prolonged brawl, and
Gremlin's imaginary friend HHI is simultaneously a master at off-the-cuff
trolling remarks, while posting with nyms that speak just like him. The virus
is real, its presence at any point in time being on your AOL installer is
a short circuit. Michael Snit Glasser has been over this, in excruciating
detail previously, Gremlin's imaginary friend HHI.

You likely think KDE handles the desktop well. Nope. Not compared to the

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