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Geoff Osbaldestin

Feb 25, 2013, 5:35:48 AM2/25/13
There is a reasonable amount of data here:

Apologies if you already knew about that.

On 24 February 2013 10:40, Philippe Plagnol <> wrote:
I just added a search engine using EAN/UPC/GTIN-13 codes (under the barcode) to give you an idea of the content of the repository,...
There's only 260 000 product in the database so try with different codes,... you can download the whole content on the database on the website

Product data is everywhere but it's currently not collected into a single public repository,... these codes are stored in the GS1, e-commerce and manufacturers database !
I think that the consumer or a group of consumers has a "power" when they buy a product : they help the manufacturer of this product to grow and continue to sell and produce this product etc...
but they don't know what it involves, what is necessary to build this product, what are the impact on the environment, health, human right, etc...

So the consumer has a responsibility but no tool to do the good decision when he is buying,..
once again, the main idea of POD is to create a basis which is not done for "final client" but for companies who want to create decision tools for consumers (a little like B2B and not B2C ;) )

I will keep you informed :)

Le mercredi 20 février 2013 09:51:04 UTC+1, Philippe Plagnol a écrit :

I'm working since several months on the public product data (I call this POD : Product Open data,
All the data are in free access:
- 200 000 pictures 
- 260 000 GTIN (items)
- 400 000 GLN 

It's public data so it concerns the government I think and I invite your to think about this problematic,...

br, Philippe  

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