I'm out for a month; a call for collaboration

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Jun 18, 2010, 8:51:54 AM6/18/10
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Good time of day everyone!
I'm sorry to say this, but most likely I'm out of the project for a while. I've been too busy in school to do any real work for ufurmix since May and until the 6th of July I'm going to be completely offline, so you have to go on without me.
On the other hand, there should be a breath of fresh concepts coming from Project Furware. Furbuntu/CreatureS team rejected to merge; I'm afraid that their project is vaporware, but I'll keep an eye on them. We got some new banners from TigraOnly, but he's very busy right now, so don't reckon upon him. There are lots of pretty stuff waiting for you at gnome-look.org, and selected pieces at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/ (have a particulary close look at Maverick submissions). In case you need something else, you can ask any artist to get involved.
I've uploaded the whole code tree to Launchpad, so you'll have full access to all ufurmix stuff. You can also grab everything at once in a ZIP at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5279564/Ubuntu%20Furry%20Remix%20stuff.zip (100 Mb).
Here's a list of primary tasks for Lucid:
1) Define colors for panels, icons, etc. (https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ufurmix/+spec/lucid-themes)
Mistake in ambiance/radiance: barely invisible selection color: light gray on white)
2) Work on furry window buttons concept (https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ufurmix/+spec/lucid-themes)
I've made a paw button in SVG (it's attached), so you can see how it works and make something based on it. (use Inkscape to edit SVG).
3) Design a bootscreen (https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ufurmix/+spec/bootsplash-lucid)
I wanted to make something like USplash, but using the potential of Plymouth technologies: various pawprints interchanging each other trough Ubuntu logo (I mean sequence like paw1 - CoF - paw2 - CoF - paw3 - CoF - etc.). We need it mostly for LiveCD booting, because in 10.04 progress indication is available during a very short period of time.
Links to great docs on Plymouth scripting are collected at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Documentation/Plymouth/.

I suggest everyone to pick a task they like and try to work on it. Once you have something to share create a thread about your task in this group (an idea is nice thing to share too, you'll need a lot of brainstorming). This time everything depends on you, guys.

Yours faithfully,
Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
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