PDFs : "Wild Places" newsletter (Kevin McClure, UK - "fairly sceptical, but ever-hopeful")

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Isaac Koi

Jul 28, 2021, 7:27:23 AMJul 28
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I have previously uploaded several of Kevin McClure's newsletters, including his "Abduction Watch", "Common Ground", "End Times Bulletin" and "Alien Scripture". Those newsletters are now joined by scans his "The Wild Places" newsletter.

Topics covered include UFOs, the paranormal, Near Death Experiences and crop circles.

Kevin described himself in one issue as being "fairly sceptical, but ever-hopeful" and most of the articles in this newsletters are fairly sceptical.

Authors of articles in this newsletter include any names well known in relation to those topics, with a bias towards UK researchers. They include Jenny Randles, Martin S Kottmeyer, Andy Roberts, Peter Hough, Susan Blackmore and Hilary Evans (in addition to articles by Kevin McClure himself).

Most issues include a fairly extensive list of other newsletters that had been published on these topics recently, with Kevin McClure's comments on them.

As I mentioned when uploading his other newsletters, Kevin McClure has not been active in ufology for many years. He gave John Rimmer of Magonia permission to put his newsletters online and John has kindly indicated that he has no objection to my putting those newsletters in the online archive I've been helping to coordinate.  Apparently, Kevin simply is not interested in ufology any more, viewing it as a subject that just keeps reinventing the wheel.

Relevant scans have, once again, been done by the AFU in Sweden.


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