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Isaac Koi

Sep 18, 2021, 9:06:29 AMSep 18
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John Schuessler (former International Director of MUFON, probably best known for his work on the Cash-Landrum incident) has kindly given me permission to make the "MUFON Medical Committee Newsletter" freely available online.

This adds to the material that I've helped make available online, or hope to make available in the future, by various UFO researchers in relation to alleged biological effects associated with UFO sightings. That material has included, for example, the NICAP "Special Report" on "Strange Effects from UFOs" which I have previously uploaded with permission of Gordon Lore, thanks to a scan by Barry Greenwood. That contained an early catalogue of UFO cases with alleged physiological effects. Obviously, some of the more recent work by Kit Green, John Schuessler, Richard C Niemtzow and others that I've been looking into during the last few years is more extensive, but I like tracing the history of a research topic.

I'm not sure how many issues existed of the MUFON Medical Committee newsletter. I've only obtained (or seen references to) a single issue.

A scan of that issue has helpfully been provided to me by Matthew Riot. Click on the image below for a link to the relevant folder.

John Schuessler has previously kindly given me permission to upload his "UFO Potpourri" and "Potpourri News" newsletters. I uploaded over 140 issues of those publications in 2016, with thanks to the AFU in Sweden for scanning those publications.

(I may try again to get some further permissions for more MUFON publications soon. Since getting permission from MUFON HQ a couple of years ago to upload MUFON state/specialist newsletters where the relevant entity gives permission, I've helped get online the newsletters of MUFON Arizona, MUFON Colorado, MUFON Georgia, MUFON Massachusetts, MUFON Michigan, MUFON Minnesota, MUFON Missouri, MUFON New Hampshire, MUFON New Jersey, MUFON New Mexico, MUFON New York City, MUFON Ohio, MUFON Pennsylvania, and MUFON Tennessee).


All the best,

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