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Isaac Koi

Jul 31, 2021, 4:33:40 PMJul 31
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  The Rendlesham-incident .co.uk forum operated between about 2006 and 2011. It was one of a limited number of forums on which skeptics and pro-ETH ufologists had (generally...) civil exchanges. It focused on the Rendlesham UFO incident(s).

The individuals that posted on that forum included various prominent Rendlesham researchers and witnesses. For example, John Burroughs posted on there in August 2011 that "this was a good forum to be on I enjoyed the exchanges".

Unusually, that forum also attracted some prominent skeptics. (Most UFO forums and groups are echo chambers, with only similar views being tolerated by many members...). For example, Ian Ridpath, posted in August 2011 that he had "a lot of fun", "learned a few things" on that forum and that "Although things got tetchy at times they never descended to the levels I see currently on the Justice for the 81st site, which now seems to be populated by the deluded, the dishonest and the plain demented".

That forum went offline in 2011. Thousands of posts about Rendlesham were (temporarily) lost. It appears that the binary code episode resulted in a substantial loss of serious interest in the Rendlesham incident. When I contacted one of the moderators of that forum in 2012 with a request for permission to upload an archive of that forum, he advised me not to waste time on the Rendlesham incident.

About a year after the forum went offline, one of the old members of the Rendlesham-incident.co.uk forum, “Daniel”, kindly took the time to provide me with a copy of the archives of the posts to that forum. I found the archive very useful and converted most of its contents to PDF format to make it easier to access and search (as I have done with the archives of various other UFO email discussion Lists, including UFO Updates).

The administrator's final posts on his forum (in a thread entitled "'Goodbye' - the forum's fate "Important"), indicated that he was keen for members to download a copy of the posts on the forum and try to keep the forum online.  

I thought many other people interested in the Rendlesham Forest Incident could find it useful to have a copy of the archive so shared it online in May 2012 as a PDF archive and a HTML archive via a free file sharing website. (I used a free site back then, mainly to demonstrate that the protestations by some UFO groups that they couldn't share UFO material online without more funding or technical assistance were - well - bollocks).  

Laurent Chabin subsequently let me know that he had helpfully uploaded the html archive to the ufowaves.org website (at which each page can be easily viewed online without downloading the entire archive).

All the best,

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