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Isaac Koi

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Robert Moore (one of the more sensible researchers involved in British UFO research, which of course means he isn't as well known as many of his more sensationalistic/idiotic colleagues...) has kindly given me permission to make his book "The Ufology Handbook" freely available online.

Robert Moore has a long history of involvement with several of the main UFO/Fortean investigative groups in the UK, including BUFORA and ASSAP.

In "The Ufology Handbook", Robert Moore states that he "attempts to briefly outline the history of the UFO problem as well as its basic attributes; hopefully answering the majority of questions you have ever wanted to ask about this subject".

I'm not sure it can be said to really answer everyone's questions, but certainly anyone reading this concise book will thereby know considerably more than most people you will encounter in social media discussions of ufology.

The table of content for this book is pasted below, to give an indication of the contents:

UFOs; the historical perspective:

The birth of modern Ufology 5

UFO's in early history 5-6

The 1890'S American airship waves 6

Foo Fighters and Ghost Rockets 6-7

America and the UFO; an overview 7-10

Civilian UFO research 10-11

Official attitudes to UFOs in the UK 11-13

UFO basics:

UFO Basics 13-14

Defining the UFO 14-15

IFO Types 16-22

The who, what and when of UFOs

Who studies UFO reports? 22-24

Who sees UFOs? 24

Astronauts and UFO's 25-26

When are UFOs usually seen? 26-27

Alleged attributes of “True UFOs”:

Basic UFO Shape Aspects 27-28

Size 28

"Soft" UFOs; the BOL connection 28

Reported UFO shapes 29-30

Alleged Surface Features 30

Colour 31

Motion 31-32

Internal motion 32

Alleged reactions and effects:

Biological reactions 32-33

"Oz Factor" manifestations 33

Mechanical effects 33

Environmental effects 33-34

"Crop Circles" 34-35

UFO Entities:

The pre-contactee era (1947 to 1951) 35-36

The contactee era (1951-1960) 36

The CE III era (1955 to 1982) 36-37

The "Abduction" Era (1982 and beyond) 37

The typical CE III event 38

Common types of UFO Entities 38-39

The Abduction Experience; an in-depth view 39-42

The quest for proof:

UFO photographs and films 42-45

Early photographs of aerial anomalies 45

Classic UFO photographic cases 45-46

Classic cinematic UFO Incidents 47-48

IFF's : Infamous flying fakes 48-49

UFO photographic cases in the British Isles 50-52

"UFO entity" photographs worldwide 52-55

RADAR and UFO's 55-58

“Angel Hair” 59

Direct physical UFO evidence 59-60

Recovered Implants & "Black Light" marks 60-61

DNA sampling 61-62

Crashed saucers 62-64

The UFO "cover up": 64-66

The wilder side; MJ-12 To "Area 51" 67-68

The government (or someone) is watching... 68-69

Recent trends in ufology. 69-72

UFO Theories: 72-73

1: The "radical misperception" hypothesis 80-81

2: Exotic natural phenomena 81-82


mirage anomalies.

3 "Unconventional Technology" 83-85

4 The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis 85-91

5: The Alternate Universe Hypothesis (AUH) 91-93

6: The Time Travel Hypothesis (TTH) 93-95

7: The Paranormal Phenomena hypothesis (PPH) 96-97

a: UFOs and "apparitional" phenomena 97-102

b: UFOs and the Collective Unconsciousness 102-103

c: UFOs and "Otherworldy" beings 103-105

Summary of the PPH 106

8: The living organism hypothesis (LOH) 107-108


References 112-114

All the best,

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