Claririty on process for the TEST 3 of UDAP Client app Testing

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sandeep ranjitkar

Sep 8, 2021, 12:37:47 PMSep 8

As per the steps mentioned in the TEST 3 of UDAP test tool  first "" After clicking Start, the client application retrieves metadata from the following FHIR server". Which server does it mean from FHIR server is it our server or the third party FHIR we are fetching data as a client and how is it related to the Step 1 of the Dyanmic Client Regisrtaion profile of the UDAP Profile mentioned in the link herer : . and what is the use of Base URL given in the test tool
FHIR Base URL: for performing Step 1.

Also for Test 3  what will be the value  of  "iss"  property  in the JWT token for Software Statement   as mentioned in Step 2 of the and where do we get the Private key and certificate from to sign the JWT Token ?


Sep 8, 2021, 12:57:28 PMSep 8
1. The FHIR server from which your client should retrieve metadata is the one listed on the next line after the sentence you quoted in the test description. (From the base URL, you can determine the other endpoints you need through metadata and SMART app launch.) The base URL listed in the test description is the base URL of the FHIR server your FHIR client should be connecting to for these client tests.
2. This relates to step 1 of UDAP DCR in that if the server does not support UDAP DCR (and returns an error to your client's metadata request), your system should not proceed
3. You can obtain a complimentary UDAP certificate by clicking the link under TESTING RESOURCES at This will help with both the iss value and private key/certificate question. The iss value should match the URI listed in your certificate.

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