To CS280G students: important: please complete evaluations

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Luca de Alfaro

Jun 7, 2007, 5:11:11 PM6/7/07
to UCSC CS Theory and Software
Dear All,

I am sorry to spam everybody on this list, but this is an important
message to the students of CS280G, the seminar class.

I forgot to hand out the evaluations on Tuesday. Teacher evaluations
are available in front of my door. I would like to ask all students
enrolled in CS280G to please complete one, and bring it to the faculty
services office.

While you may think that you don't need to evaluate me for a seminar
class (well, I did give one of the seminars ;-), the fact is that the
bureaucracy uses evaluations also to keep track of class attendance,
and in particular, if nobody turns in the evaluations, they will
incorrectly conclude that nobody attended the seminars.

So please, please, come get an evaluation, and fill it in!

Many thanks,


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