Training schedule for the next two weeks

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Mar 12, 2010, 12:22:15 PM3/12/10
to UCSC Shotokan Karate Club
Like the subject line says... here it is:

Monday, March 15: regular training time/place, 6:30pm in the "middle"
room. Clear your head pre-finals!
Wednesday, March 17: NO CLASS (OPERS closes early due to finals)
Saturday, March 20: morning class and kyu test in Redwood City. More
on that below.
March 21 - March 28: spring break, no training, OPERS closed.
March 29: first day of our NEW SCHEDULE. (More below).

About March 20: Road trip! Sensei Jon Keeling of JKASV (
will be teaching a class in the morning, followed by a test of rank.
Details will be pasted in below. So far I only know of one
"Yes" (Christa) and one "Maybe" (Lisa), besides Sensei Josh Martin,
Kyle, and myself. If I'm missing anyone, please let me know. We'll
figure out the logistics of carpooling, possible pre-Saturday extra
practice, etc., off-list.

After spring break, we will be shifting to a new training schedule.
More on that in another email, once our times are confirmed... most
likely we'll be keeping our Monday time (forward or back half an hour,
perhaps) and shedding our Wednesday time, due to low attendance last

See below for testing details, and contact me or Kyle if interested.

Thanks for being part of our club!


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From: Jon Keeling <>
Date: Feb 16, 10:44 pm
Subject: Kyu exam Saturday, March 20, in Redwood City
To: UCSC Shotokan Karate Club

For anyone interested in taking a kyu exam, the next one will take
place on Saturday, March 20, at the JKA of Silicon Valley's main dojo
in Redwood City. 

We will hold classes at our normal time (8-10am) but the focus will be
more geared to basics, as opposed to our usual Saturday schedule of
advanced kata and kumite, with the exam taking place toward the end of
this class time.

There is a small fee for the kyu exam. It is normally $20 (most places
charge more for less; see below) for regular members.  Visitor fees
for regular classes are normally $15 but for those from UCSC taking
the exam it will be a total of just $25 this time.

If the color of your belt changes as a result of the exam, your new
belt is included in the fee. There will be a short written exam, in
addition to the relatively short physical exam. I will email the
questions out later. In contrast to every other dojo I know of (and
that is hundreds), specific feedback on your performance is provided
via email following receipt of everyone's written exam answers. In
addition, I videotape every exam and if you would like a copy, just
provide me with a VHS tape to copy to. If anyone w/ ability & interest
would like to borrow the miniDV tape to put onto DVD and/or distribute
to everyone via the web/email, please let me know. I just don't have
the time to do that myself but would be more than happy if somoene
else wants to do it.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

And as long as I have your attention, here are a couple events
organized by "Shinkyu Shotokan," based in South San Francisco, to take
place this summer:

SUN. JULY 18TH 8:30AM- 4:30PM

Thank you,
Jon Keeling
JKA of Silicon Valley

Lisa B

Mar 15, 2010, 11:35:52 PM3/15/10
to UCSC Shotokan Karate Club
I wanted to announce that I will be going to the kyu test on Saturday.
I have had it arranged that I leave for home on Saturday afternoon on
March 20. All I need is the logistics of the arrangement on how we are
supposed to get there. I especially need to know what time I am
expected to be back at UCSC. But, yeah, let me know ASAP about this

Also, I meant to go to training tonight, I knew I was able to make it,
but I was feeling ill for most of the day today. I will try to
practice as hard as I can while also studying the same way for my

Mar 16, 2010, 6:10:18 PM3/16/10
Hey! I don't know if the boys already told you, but they are going to be going on their own with their parents and making it a day trip all the way to SF. So Sensei Josh and I will be going together. You should join us! We are meeting at the University Inn at 6:35am so we can be in Redwood City on time. If you need a ride from campus, I'll be heading down your way from Empire Grade so let me know! My cell is 310 658 0741. We will be back in SC by about 1:30 pm. Hope that works out for you!
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Lisa B

Mar 17, 2010, 12:08:23 AM3/17/10
to UCSC Shotokan Karate Club
Yes, I do need a ride from campus! My cell is 831 229 0988
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