First training report; the year ahead

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Luke Abbott

Sep 28, 2010, 7:35:14 PM9/28/10
Dear karate-ka (practitioners of karate),

Again I'd like to say, welcome to the UCSC Shotokan Karate Club! Our first class last night was filled with people from all sorts of backgrounds, from karate veterans to folks who have never studied a martial art since the first grade! Everyone participated with great spirit and attitude as we covered a few basic techniques and applied them in a simple kata (form) and partner exercises.

Each week we be learning new techniques and reviewing/refining what we've learned, combining them in kata, and putting them to the test in various forms of kumite (sparring). As your grasp of the basics improves, sparring will become more interesting and "free" (though always with a top priority of safety and control).

In addition, this will be preparing to you take a kyu rank exam ("belt test") at the end of the quarter. Testing is done by Sensei Jon Keeling of JKASV. Sensei Keeling began teaching at the UCSC Shotokan club over twenty years ago. He now teaches regularly in Redwood City*. Testing is totally optional, and in general we pay attention to your current ability, not the color of your belt. But being tested does have value. More on that as the time approaches (not for awhile).

Finally, starting either next week or the following week, we will be doing the all-levels class from 7:00-8:10, followed immediately by 20 minutes of advanced-level training. Since most of you aren't ranked in shotokan, we'll leave it up to you to decide whether you want to participate. 

The UCSC club fee for the quarter is $30. (That's only $3 a class!) Please do this by registering online at the OPERS website ( Again, your first class is free so if you couldn't make it yesterday, feel free to check us out next Monday.

Thanks again for a great first class! See you next week,


* Field trip? It's a possibility... stay tuned.

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