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Steve Brown

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Hi all,

You may be interested in the attached talk. Sean Paradiso will be talking about the machine learning infrastructure at Citrine Informatics, a materials informatics startup that I interned at this summer. Sean's awesome and we built some cool tools this summer to streamline and productionalize data science. I encourage you all to go and get there early since ESB 2001 is a bit small!

Hope to see you there,

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Hi All,

Below and attached is some info about the finale of the summer GS^3 series.   If your research involves computational research, this will likely be interesting (and hopefully useful) to you!!!  Sean's talk should be very interesting - he was a student here doing simulations and now works in industry, and it is followed by a panel discussion about job opportunities after working in computationally based research as an undergrad or graduate student.


 We’re hoping this will be a great opportunity for grads AND undergrads to gain exposure to computational research. Our normal seminar series is geared toward an advanced undergraduate audience, and this event should be no different. We encourage people to come with their most pressing questions about conducting research in theory and simulations! This is a unique opportunity in which we are bringing in people predominantly from the outside industrial world.


What: Graduate Simulation Seminar Series (GS^3) Closing Ceremony
Keynote talk, reception, regular season awards ceremony, and professional panel

When:  Thursday, October 6, 3 - 5 PM

Where:  Engineering Sciences Building (ESB) 2001

Who: Academic/industrial professionals and you!
Bring your computational curiosity and simulation spirit!
Undergraduates and experimentalists welcome!

GS^3: Who We Are
The Graduate Simulation Seminar Series (“GS^3”) is a multidisciplinary series seeking to draw research talks from computationally-oriented graduate students, faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and undergraduates in the STEM fields and beyond. It is coordinated by students in Chemical Engineering and sponsored by the Center of MASS and Center for Research Computing. The regular seminar series runs throughout the summer, and is wrapping up its third year. The series features regular simulation talks as well as Ex Silico joint computational-experimental sessions. Talks are application-oriented, and transcribed for an undergraduate audience (in the spirit of Richard Feynman). From Mechanical Engineering to Marine Biology to Statistics to Geography, all are welcome!

Additional questions concerning addition to the mailing list or anything else related to GS^3 may be addressed to jimo...@umail.ucsb.edu.
Stay up to date with all things GS^3… Like us on Facebook!

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