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Jas Eckard

Aug 3, 2021, 11:25:10 PMAug 3
Hey, everyone! Here's your week-ahead warning that our meeting is
next week, 8/10 at 18:30. The plan is for Bob to give part 2 of his
presentation on the radio spectrum:

Everybody's Talking: US Radio Spectrum Plan History, Part 2
by Dr. Robert Meier AA9AU

We will coincide with ColaLUG via:

Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend, my oldest is going to start
at Clemson and her move-in day is next Tuesday. Go Tigers!

I don't think we should meet in person until the Delta Variant has
subsided. This was brought to my attention last month by Ben, but
really hit home when I read that Sen. Lindsey Graham had contracted
it. Luckily, he had the vaccine back in Dec, so he didn't die from
it. But I just couldn't live with myself if any of you got it because
I made the call to meet in person and I gave it to you.

Y'all have fun, wish I could be there, see you next month. Think
about something you might want to show-and-tell: This is a community
group, and if we want to continue to meet and talk about things, we
need things to talk about.

--Jas Eckard

Jas Eckard

Sep 7, 2021, 9:46:33 PMSep 7
Hey, everyone! Here's your week-ahead warning that our meeting is
next week, 9/17 at 18:30.

We will coincide with ColaLUG via:

...meeting virtually until the delta variant has subsided.

We don't have a topic, so I'm open to any suggestions. Feel free to
"sign up" at:

Think about something you might want to show-and-tell: This is a
community group, and if we want to continue to meet and talk about
things, we need things to talk about.

I'm currently dabbling in "Plugin Oriented Programming", a programming
paradigm that Thomas Hatch discovered while writing and rewriting the
SaltStack plugin system. I'm also wanting to learn more about Quantum
Computers. And, this weekend, my daughter and I installed Linux Mint
on her new computer, she's just started Electrical and/or Computer
Engineering at Clemson. (Possible topics of discussion from me.)

--Jas Eckard

Robert Meier

Sep 8, 2021, 11:52:11 AMSep 8
to 'Darrell Lee' via Upstate Carolina Linux Users Group
I need to upgrade my laptop from OpenSuSE Lesp-15.1 to latest and buy new drives before Christmas.  I'd be interested in practical strategies (and tactics) for home system management.

In the past, I usually used "egg separation" for graceful OS upgrades. 4 physical partitions on disk:
1. Swap (2-4x ram), 2. /home (user content that persists across OS update), 3. Older OS (stable, familiar), 4. Newer OS (unfamiliar, may be missing things not yet installed).
If the new OS had problems, I had the old OS as rescue system.  If I needed to do something now, I had the old OS to use until I had time to install tools.
Currently, I understood i had to use a partition for UEFI as well as one for swap, so i don't have enough physical partitions to keep 2 OSs installed.
I'd like to know how others manage.  What works, what doesn't.

I have an automatic backup system that nightly copies files to a backup server using rsync(8).  As files move, there is a lot (80%?) duplicate storage wasted.
Does anyone dedupe?
What do you use?
What backup policies work.
What doesn't?

I wasted 3 weeks when I bought this laptop "fixing" Microsoft "security" before successfully loading Linux and using TouchPad, and wifi that were locked to Windows by bios components overwritten by uefi.  I understood this was "normal security features" for computers intended for public sale, but not for computers intended for businesses (who would likely sue over such)
What gotchas will I have to work around to load Linux now?
How can I cure/workaround them?
What brand/models don't have such Microsoft "security"?
Where in NC Piedmont can I get used laptops retired from BUSINESSES that should be free of such?

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Robert Meier

Sep 8, 2021, 1:58:21 PMSep 8
to 'Darrell Lee' via Upstate Carolina Linux Users Group
For Christmas, I received a HackRF-1 clone  Software Defined Radio transceiver.

During the last month. I had opportunity to learn about SDR and GNUradio as I debugged a broadcast FM receiver, narrow band FM transmitter, short wave AM transmitter/receiver.

I failed to receive/transmit ATSC (broadcast) TV, and failed to receive/transmit FSK (remote control).

I'll try to bring it for show and tell, and would like to learn from anyone else who has used an SDR.  My long term goals include broadcast TV reception (and transmission w/ FCC license), QRP (international radio chat room), and model aircraft control.


Sep 11, 2021, 8:56:01 AMSep 11
Hi Robert,

I suggest you look into LVM for partition management. I use that for all my installs. You can have as many partitions as you like. You can resize them on the fly, you can add and delete partitions, and you can add more disks to increase the amount of actual storage. That is the way to go. 

I suggest the Arch wiki:

I don’t even mess with a swap partition any more. I tried a common home folder for a while some years ago. However Gnome stores all its settings there. It seemed to be confused when I changed between OSes so I stopped. I have a Pi running on a 1TB hard drive with all my most important files. I access that as needed. 

Good luck. 

Robert Meier

Sep 12, 2021, 11:12:13 AMSep 12
to 'Darrell Lee' via Upstate Carolina Linux Users Group
Thank you.

My backup server is a pi with TB hard drive like yours.  How do you handle/manage deduplication?

How do you handle the problem of corruption in one physical partition risking corruption of all the logical partitions contained therein?

Have you tried a swap partition?
How do you avoid/mitigate performance degradation from inode indirecrion overhead with a swap file?

Ben Francis

Sep 14, 2021, 11:53:16 AMSep 14
to,, Robert Meier
The meeting is today, 9/14, not 9/17.

I have a small rant on UEFI and an automation project someone may want to help out with.


George Law

Sep 14, 2021, 12:45:05 PMSep 14

I was going to offer up my image stacking script I had previously mentioned to uclug, basically pulling out the individual frames from a ~15-20 second video and then "stacking" then to create a long exposure photo.

Example of a recent waterfall picture I did along with a night time time lapse photo I converted

Here is the night video source
And the waterfall video 

And the processed pictures

But work got the better of me and I don't have the final touches on the script yet so maybe next time if there is interest

Jas Eckard

Sep 14, 2021, 6:25:53 PMSep 14
Quite right, 9/14. Dunno what happened, couldn't add 7+7?

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