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Jas Eckard

Sep 29, 2021, 1:29:26 PMSep 29
Hey, y'all!

I want to apologize to everyone, I've been really bad about "leading"
this group this year. I blame my job and its weird hours that have
messed with my mind and schedule.

Some of you, over the past couple months, have offered to give talks
for future meetings, but I was a dummy and didn't write them down.
Would you mind either replying to this email, or emailing me directly?
I don't know, for example, who is presenting in October.

I've been thinking about this a while, and it occurred to me that
maybe one reason we are low on topics is because we think "everyone
already knows the things I could present on". So, I'm going to list
off a "wishlist" of topics that I'd like to see, stuff that I feel
like I "should" know, in the hopes that one of you will say to
yourself, "well, I use that everyday, I could throw something together
for Jas". Likewise, if any of you would include your "wishlist", and
I know something on that list, I'll "throw something together" for a

- AppArmor and SELinux
- Tor
- Tails, BlackArch, Kali, Whonix, and why would I need one of these?
- WireGuard, OpenVPN
- Kubernetes, OpenShift, SuSE Rancher
- DevOps and Agile tools like Hashicorp and Atlassian products,
especially open source tools
- Differences in cloud providers, AWS, Google, Azure, also Linode and
Digital Ocean
- Comparison of monitoring tools like Prometheus, Zabbix, Nagios, Icinga, SNMP
- How Podman replaces Docker
- A better way to diagnose slowdowns on my system than just 'top' and
logs: systems performance
- Databases: SQL, NoSQL, relational?
- CI/CD, how to get started?
- How to utilize Web APIs?
- zsh
- tmux
- Video editing Open Source software
- Music/sound editing OSS
- Graphical arts OSS
- 3D rendering OSS
- FreeIPA
- Go vs. Rust
- router/switch distros
- Mainframe Linux, z/Linux
- Obsidian
- many more, but I'm going to stop

I want to emphasize that "throwing it together" means just that: It
can be as simple as a show-and-tell demo, or as polished as a
conference presentation. Over the years, in fact, I've used this
group as a place for beta testing my presentations for my classwork
and conference presentation. But I've also just thought about things
I might talk about at "tomorrow's meeting".


Tim Fowler

Sep 29, 2021, 1:38:04 PMSep 29
Going to throw a topic out there I could speak to... the offensive side of Open Source and the Offensive Security Tools (OSTs) great debate wages on.

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Jas Eckard

Sep 29, 2021, 3:55:14 PMSep 29
Notekeeping, for myself:

- Barry Jones (@brightball on Using
Ansible and Terraform together
- Oct 12? (Do we have one for Oct?)
- 45 minutes
- Tim Fowler: The offensive side of Open Source and the Offensive
Security Tools (OSTs)
- George Law: Bash imaging script to splice a video into a beautiful photo
- Oct 12?
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Tim Fowler

Sep 29, 2021, 4:23:06 PMSep 29
I can't commit to October but I can for November if no other topic is available.

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