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Arlo Barnes

Jul 24, 2021, 5:39:50 PM7/24/21
to Ubunchu!
Hi all,

I decided to write this post after being inspired by Sysy's warm welcome both in the thread here started by Carlos Solís and via SMS (a method by which I can regretfully not reply, as my phone provider seems to disallow sending texts to international numbers; hence this message). My name is Arlo, I'm a free culture and comics/manga fan; I run Debian.

Ubunchu! is such a joyful comic that I'd love to see the translations and derivations continue and flourish, even though the 'non-commercial' clause isn't my favourite (still, I understand; the reasoning was indirectly discussed somewhat in the Bunnies episode). I have a little experience with community-supported comics translations through for, and I think a system like that could work well; many of the parts are already in place (using Inkscape to swap strings, making graphically-styled text easy is one example...another is use of Git to manage files and versions -- although FramaGit is only for libre projects, it's just a GitLab CE host, and there is already one for Ubunchu!; well actually two, one for the first half of the episodes and the other for the second half...established a single fan repository would yield the best results I think).

These two paragraphs are machine-translated below into French by DeepL to help Sysy or other Francophones resolve any uncertain wordings ( Ces deux paragraphes sont traduits automatiquement en français ci-dessous par DeepL pour aider Sysy à résoudre toute formulation incertaine ).

J'ai décidé d'écrire ce message après avoir été inspiré par l'accueil chaleureux de Sysy, à la fois dans le fil de discussion lancé ici par Carlos Solís et par SMS (une méthode par laquelle je ne peux malheureusement pas répondre, car mon opérateur téléphonique semble interdire l'envoi de textes aux numéros internationaux ; d'où ce message). Je m'appelle Arlo, je suis un fan de culture libre et de bandes dessinées/mangas ; j'utilise Debian.

Ubunchu ! est une bande dessinée tellement joyeuse que j'aimerais voir les traductions et les dérivations continuer et s'épanouir, même si la clause "non-commerciale" n'est pas ma préférée (je comprends quand même ; le raisonnement a été indirectement discuté dans l'épisode des Bunnies). J'ai un peu d'expérience avec les traductions de bandes dessinées soutenues par la communauté via pour, et je pense qu'un système comme celui-là pourrait bien fonctionner ; beaucoup des parties sont déjà en place (l'utilisation d'Inkscape pour échanger les chaînes de caractères, rendant le texte graphiquement stylé facile est un exemple.... un autre est l'utilisation de Git pour gérer les fichiers et les versions -- bien que FramaGit ne soit que pour les projets libres, c'est juste un hôte GitLab CE, et il y en a déjà un pour Ubunchu! ; en fait, il y en a deux, un pour la première moitié des épisodes et l'autre pour la seconde moitié... établir un seul dépôt pour les fans donnerait les meilleurs résultats je pense).

And now I quote the SMSs for others' context and reply inline ( Et maintenant, je cite les SMS pour le contexte des autres et je réponds en ligne ). English-only.

> For ubunchu no relicence about Ubunchu. If new Manga... it will be in the similar licence. I had been contacted this morning .(I am french). You could translate but not for comercial use. Best regards.

> Hello, hello, it's a pleasure to read you. We will be able to do many things I think. I wanted you to know that I helped fill the translation gap for version 6 and 8 for the English and French team. I contacted for you the mangaka of Ubunchu Mr. Hiroshi Seo. He hasn't followed the translations recently but he doesn't have any new projects for the moment either. He told me that we could translate the old episodes of Ubunchu. And that if there was a new project (Ubunchu); it would be released under the same or similar licensing conditions. And that he would be open to other questions.

I am glad to hear that Seotch-san is open to questions. I had been meaning to ask him if these model sheets are also under the CC-BY-NC-3.0 Unported license:登場人物
Being able to share them to Wikidata or other sites/wikis about comics could help spread public knowledge of the comic. I will email him about this.

>> You mean link to translations of existing articles, or create new articles in languages that don't have them yet?
> (English Wikipedia article or French Wikipedia translated into English<=more useful).
>> I would say both are good ideas
> (yes, both but you do as you like)
>> , but the Russian Wikipedia article was removed in 2019
> (not important for now)
>> and the English Wikipedia article was quickly removed in 2009 due to lack of independent references.
> (For references, on Wikipedia Fr, I have 2 for the moment). Maybe the references should be non-commercial.
>> I guess we have to start sending copies of the series to comic book journalists
> (What copies (issue? In American/English, I guess?) I could get back to you and tell you more if I understand your needs.
>> Anyway, I've started contributing to the manga coverage on Wikidata, which has a lower barrier to entry for information since it is divided into "statements" (RDF triples).
> (I will look at your wikidata, and thanks to you). My questions are: Which episode of Ubunchu are you translating? Do you do text editing and image editing? Do you translate Japanese onomatopoeia? I don't ask you to send me your translations. It's just to know how to help you and understand you better. Excuse-me I am French , my english is not good, but i will try to help you.

I just started reading the comics, both RtL and LtR English mainly but referring back to the originals also (for example, I noticed that sometimes Risa's given name is Anglicised to Lisa, improperly in my view, but the original's kanji make it clear; similarly, Masato's notebook-of-classmates shows in the original that he is attempting to record female classmates' measurements, which the English translation leaves out...not sure if that is due to squeamishness or doubt that it would culturally translate, but I think it's a good way to show what a dubious lecher he is), so I have not started on a translation yet.

My only fluent language is English, but I am also a student of German and Japanese so I could assist with translation to/from those (respectively) with the help of my electronic dictionaries, but wouldn't want any translation I do to go unchecked. I am quite capable in Inkscape though (and found amusing if not exactly surprising the serendipity of encountering in the archives here Martin Owens, board member).

Sylvain A

Jul 24, 2021, 6:26:38 PM7/24/21
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Sylvain A

Jul 24, 2021, 10:55:10 PM7/24/21

I am glad to hear that Seotch-san is open to questions. 
I had been meaning to ask him if these model sheets are also under the CC-BY-NC-3.0 Unported license:登場人物=>This page is copyright 2021 because that is not the Ubunchu comic's.(It is just my opinion)

Being able to share them to Wikidata or other sites/wikis about comics could help spread public knowledge of the comic. 
I will email him about this. => Why not ? Try always !

Le sam. 24 juil. 2021 à 23:39, Arlo Barnes <> a écrit :

Sylvain A

Jul 25, 2021, 12:07:23 AM7/25/21
I linked without translation this page in Wikipedia France :登場人物
Being able to share them to Wikidata or other sites/wikis about comics could help spread public knowledge of the comic. I will email him about this.
Le sam. 24 juil. 2021 à 23:39, Arlo Barnes <> a écrit :
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