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Joaquim Perez

Jul 6, 2011, 10:57:04 AM7/6/11
to ubiquity...@googlegroups.com

Some time ago I decided to start involving with ubiquity project and try to make some improvements. Here is what I've done:

*  Keybindings:  up/down  change selection in preview pane;  return key (with no alt key pressed) executes selection in preview pane;  ctrl+up/down change selection in suggestions pane;
*  Search command has a preview using selected search engine
*  Open command now is equivalent to use awesomebar, it returns the same results
*  Open command now can open URL. For example command "open www.mozilla.org"  opens  www.mozilla.org
*  Old "open" command has moved to  "ubiquity" command.
*  Help command now shows all commands in preview pane
*  Now "english", "french", ... names can be localized (see ubiquity.cmdutils.langcode. in ubiquity/chrome/locale/ca/coreubiquity.properties)
*  Also nountypes can be localized  (see ubiquity.cmdutils.nountype. in ubiquity/chrome/locale/ca/coreubiquity.properties)
*  Bug in parse.js solved:  problem with anaphora "this" in some languages. When anaphora has utf-8 characters at the beginning or in the end of the word, regexp \bword\b fails. For example in catalan anaphora is "això".
*  When selecting text in browser, Ubiquity popup now it shows a configurable number of options see about:config filtering extensions.ubiquity.maxMenuPopup
*  When selecting text in browser, The first Ubiquity popup option is "show ubiquity". This option is equivalent to CTRL-SPACE key binding.
*  New skin experimentalwhite skin based on experimental skin    

You can download this version from http://gent.softcatala.org/joaquimperez/ubiquity/ubiquity.20110706.xpi
I'm not sure, if I can commit in mercurial repository, so for now I didn't try to do so.

I wish you enjoy it.




Jul 29, 2011, 9:31:58 AM7/29/11
to ubiquity-firefox

It's a good improvements.
I tried to adopt your localizable improvements to my customized
version, and it works well.
So, I've wrote a patch picked up from your localizable part and made
some changes.


> You can download this version fromhttp://gent.softcatala.org/joaquimperez/ubiquity/ubiquity.20110706.xpi
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