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Delirium tremens

Aug 16, 2011, 9:22:20 PM8/16/11
to ubiquity-firefox
Microsoft puts a huge empashis in their awesome bar. An Ubiquity-like
in Internet Explorer would create a huge demand towards creating
commands, because the verbally skilled will like the sentence-like
commands, the socially skilled will feel a power over a machine that
has social features that they never felt, the sexy hackers will
control a platform the way they like to control a platform, the three
groups will spread the message and all will want to control Windows
the same way. I don't know why Microsoft is reactive. Why doesn't it
create original works? It keeps improving original works only.
Anyway... They improved the original work of chrome by being more
minimalistic than chrome's minimalistic interface and they're hinting
to you that you should put ubiquity in the awesomebar, so that they
can improve the original work of firefox by being more platformal than
add-ons. Again, I clearly remember the lack of changes in the Windows
95, 98, XP interface. Why doesn't Microsoft take the initiative???
What happens???
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