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Shelley Goodman

Apr 27, 2006, 12:15:32 PM4/27/06
Your country need your help.
I just checked the website stastistics and found that 45% or visitors
are using Firefox now and only 38% use the good old Internet Explorer!
Since you are the technical expert in our small circle.. can you
submit an article about this?
Kindest regards and God bless you,
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Apr 27, 2006, 1:32:45 PM4/27/06
to U-S-A

What is the theory behind your belief?


Reverend GB

Apr 27, 2006, 4:49:32 PM4/27/06
to U-S-A
Dearest Shelley,
There is a growing tide of Godless people using
this thing called F*ref*x in England, Europe. It is a Sign. More and
more children are being turned away from The Way. In England -which is
in Europe, btw- they are teaching our children to use F*ref*x instead
of MICROSOFT! We here in our small Parish are doing what we can but the
tide is getting too strong. We are building shelters but the light is
fading, I fear. I ask all of our friends across the water to pray for
us in our time of need, Together we WILL stem this tide. For future
reference, Shelley, unless I use the codeword 'Alan' in any
communication please realise that the Communists are using my name as a
cover -they have been doing this for some time, now, to discredit me
and my Parish.

For now, God Bless you and Praise Alan.

Apr 28, 2006, 6:39:35 PM4/28/06
to U-S-A
shelly, tristan, you both need help. Firefox is a normal web browser,
like IE, except better.

[quoted from]
Publisher's Website Mozilla

Mozilla Firefox is a fast, full-featured Web browser that makes
browsing more efficient than ever before. Firefox includes pop-up
blocking; a tab-browsing mode that lets you open several pages in a
single window; integrated Google searching; simplified privacy controls
that let you cover your tracks more effectively; a streamlined browser
window that shows you more of the page than any other browser; and a
number of additional features that work with you to help you get the
most out of your time online.

Version is a bug fixing release."
[end of quote]

how does this relate with child pornography? Oh wait, it's faster so
pornography gets to your computer faster -_-.

Shelley Goodman

Apr 28, 2006, 6:54:56 PM4/28/06
Why use "Firefox" when you have IE?
The internet explorer is far superior.
Firefox is just a trojan horse for communist programmers. Programmed
to invade our homes and send information about the surfing habits of
good Americans to the enemy.
I think Tristan is referring to wide spread allegations of a former
programmer of the Mozilla company.
This man (Michael Gardner his name was I believe?) had proof that
part of the source code (once activated) is useful in finding child
porn websites in the internet.
Look it up if you don't believe me.
I for one would never use such crap software.

Apr 28, 2006, 8:02:30 PM4/28/06
to U-S-A

Secunia is a company that tracks security holes in things like

[quoted from secunia]
Internet Explorer "mhtml:" Redirection Disclosure of Sensitive
Unpatched. Secunia Advisory 1 of 9 in 2006
Release Date:
2006-04-27 Secunia Advisory ID:
SA19738 Solution Status:
Exposure of sensitive information
>From remote
Short Description:
codedreamer has discovered a vulnerability in Internet Explorer, which
can be exploited by malicious people to disclose potentially sensitive
information. [Read More]

Internet Explorer "object" Tag Memory Corruption Code Execution
Unpatched. Secunia Advisory 2 of 9 in 2006
Release Date:
2006-04-25 Secunia Advisory ID:
SA19762 Solution Status:
System access
>From remote
Short Description:
Michal Zalewski has discovered a vulnerability in Internet Explorer,
which can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a user's
system. [Read More]

Internet Explorer "createPopup()" Content Overlay Vulnerability
Partial Fix. Secunia Advisory 20 of 35 in 2004
Release Date:
2004-07-13 Secunia Advisory ID:
SA7277 Solution Status:
Partial Fix
Security Bypass
System access
>From remote
Short Description:
Paul has reported a vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer, which
can be exploited by malicious people to bypass certain security
restrictions and potentially compromise a user's system. [Read More]

[end quote]

The site i got this from is

You can go ahead and look at firefox's secunia page at

IE is more for your "communist programmers," as it has more recorded
security holes in both percentage and actual number than firefox.

If you were too lazy to read what i said above, pretty much it says
that IE is so easy to get into (hack in your terms) that it pretty much
just shows everything on your computer to remote attackers.

Could you post the article about the firefox porn thing? I googled it
and didn't find anything on it. Only thing i can think of that helps
people find porn (let alone child porn) is the google bar at the top


May 2, 2006, 8:27:24 AM5/2/06
to Shelley The Republican .com : One Nation under God : U-S-A
"You believe" - any evidence to back this up? No...


May 14, 2006, 7:45:14 AM5/14/06
to Shelley The Republican .com : One Nation under God : U-S-A
maybe tristan is the technical "expert" of your small circle, but he
don't seems to knows a lot of things about informatics.

He said : "I am familiar with this software - I believe it is a tool
designed for child pornographers"

It's totally ridiculous, it's a simple web browser like IE, the only
difference is that he is more powerful (as say in the veracious slogan
"faster, safer, better").
A lot of Firefox function are copied by microsoft for his IE7.
another advantage is taht Firefox is opensource : if you analyse the
source code of firefox, you can under idiot!stand all that firefox do,
whereas nobody know what exactly IE do. Take a very ridiculous example
: Because we can analyse the IE source code, we can imagine he should
sebd information about you to Ben Laden. It's a totally ridiculous
example but it's possible.

For information, french police use Firefox for his security and his

And if you want to know why there is a high percentage of our visitors
use firefox, there is a very simple explication : personnaly I've
discover you're website in a geek website* (geek are people who are
very interested in computers and who generaly, contrary to you, know
what they are talking about). So when they have seen your posts
(especialy the ones about Linux), they have say: "his this possible to
be as stupid as these guys? they are totaly idiot! And they have start
to talk about it on forum. And because of that they are not uneducated
about informatics as you, they don't use the old IE when they go on
your website.

*these geeks have founded your website on another website called 404
brain (404 in reference to the "404 not found" code, when a page do not
exist) so the name 404brain must be understanded as "404 no brain

(sorry for my english)


May 16, 2006, 1:46:40 PM5/16/06
to Shelley The Republican .com : One Nation under God : U-S-A
If firefox could help police to find child porn website on internet, I
think it's a good thing, because that imply police would arrest people
who have created or consulted this website easily, and then make of
internet a safer place.

But I thing unfortunately that again disinformation...

And about your allegation about firefox would be a trojan, let me laugh
: you can read firefox sourcecode, you will see there are nothing like
Why all informatics are recommanding firefox if IE is superior? ( for
information IE is a 5 year old web browser, microsoft have announced
his desire to stop to devellop IE and have finally decide to restart it
when he saw how firefox make commonplace. He don't support RSS, didn't
understand fully CSS, what is a big problem for webmaster, don't have
tab and is a open-door to trojans or viruses)

for example Forbes recommand Firefox
(there is just one of the numerous elogious article that you can find

So get information for change, maybe that will make you able to wrote
an article whose not disinformation.

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