Montgomery Alabama 1935

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Alois Treindl

Sep 4, 2011, 11:01:08 AM9/4/11
to Steve Ferguson,
Hi Steve

I forgot to put this question to you:
the 15-may-1935 Tuscaloosa News article reports the Montgomery DST for
1935, to start 'at midnight tommorrow night'. As this is a news item
dated 17-may, 'midnight tomorrow night' would mean the end of the 18th,
or beginning of the 19th. Not as Shanks has: 1936 518 01:00.

And this article gives as the planned end of DST Sept 14th.

Shanks has 1935 Sept 2nd, in agreement with Doris Chase Doane.

Do you have any insight on this discrepancy?

I searched for newspaper reports regarding the end of DST in 1935, but
did not find any.

Sadly, I cannot find archives for a Montgomery based newspaper.
Montgomery is the state capital. Tuscaloosa is quite far away, so it is
not surprising its paper did not report the end of DST in Montgomery.

But I think we need to make an effort to find that data, or go with the
announced 14th September. Not with 2nd September as Shanks may have
taken from DCD.



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