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Jun 19, 2008, 8:29:23 AM6/19/08
to Typo3
ellou' group!

this is my first post here, so I'll welcome first. I'm Marcus from
Poland - i'm working with TYPO3 from few months, and I'm quite
friendly with it yet ;)

So. I have such idea, concept: I would like to develope www.drop.io -
like system using the T3. I need this for my working purposes, and I
hope, that somebody can give me a clue how to do that! :)

The main concept is: Let the user to insert notes, links and files
related with actual viewed page, with dramatically simple forms. After
inserting, added materials are automatic rendered to the page. Notes
as text, images as icons with "download original" link, other files
(ZIP, DOC, SWF, PDF etc.) as filelinks.

Of course it's important to have possibilty of setting various group
settings for the user, so, one can add, but not edit or remove, other
can edit, but not remove.. etc.

Of course the perfect solution is to make own extension called
tx_dropioLike :), but first: I'm not good enought PHP programmer,
second: it's good idea, so maybe sombody did it before ?


If you have a knowledge how it can be done, please let me know! ;)

greets Marcus.

ach... and forgive me please my poor English ;)
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