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Wade Williams

Feb 21, 2013, 9:56:38 AM2/21/13
I've got a simple question which should seem obvious, but my testing is causing doubts in my mind.

If I were to call (psuedo-code),options) #request1 (url2,options) #request2

should I expect to receive response 1 before request 2 is made?

I've got a legacy application which is controlled by sending HTTP requests. However, you have to be sure the "save" command completes before the "edit" command for example. As long as request 1 will complete before request 2 is issued, there should be no problem. But, if request 1 returns immediately, I could have sequencing problems.

I understand the connectionless nature of HTTP, but in browsing through the source code, nothing jumped out at me as indicating that such calls would operate asynchronously so I thought it better to ask the experts.

Thanks for any feedback.

Hans Hasselberg

Feb 22, 2013, 3:54:16 PM2/22/13
Hey Wade,

rest assured - every Typhoeus version I know will perform request 1 first and will then do request 2. There is no way that request 2 is done first. I'm assuming that both requests succeed.

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