The meaning of timed_out?

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Oct 17, 2013, 9:55:41 AM10/17/13

I'm using Typhoeus in a project. I'm using the Response#timed_out? method to check if a connection times out. After a while I noticed that we get "time outs" even when the server is down, and after some digging I realized that the definition of #timed_out? is

    [:operation_timedout, :couldnt_connect].include?(return_code)

I'm wondering if this really makes sense. If you ask a response if it's timed out, I would expect it to only say yes if it's actually timed out, not if it couldn't connect at all. Is there a reason for this behaviour?


Hans Hasselberg

Oct 17, 2013, 5:48:32 PM10/17/13
Thanks for asking. I honestly don't know. It could be that the return_code produced by the connecttimeout option is 'couldnt_connect'. But I need to check that.

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