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Typesafe announces the End-Of-Life cycle for commercial support of the Typesafe Console.
This also means that the open source support on this mailing list will stop from now on.
As previously stated we will release another version with Akka 2.3.0 support and this will be the last and final release of the Typesafe Console.

Typesafe does not have any future plans to build tools for production monitoring, instead we have partnered closely with leading APM vendors including AppDynamics, New Relic, Takipi and others to fulfill your enterprise production monitoring needs. Typesafe's widely used development tool, Activator will include new functionality - Activator Inspect - that will evolve over time to offer more development-time focused monitoring capabilities, enabling developers to build robust applications faster and more effectively. 

We are dedicated to your success and believe we can better serve you and our community by strengthening partnerships with vendors that focus solely on this critical aspect rather than attempting to build production monitoring capabilities ourselves.