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Okie ..TexasStan, and Sheep

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Willie Whittaker is a Putin Cock Sucker <>

Dec 22, 2022, 6:13:37 PM12/22/22

Come with me as we have an Okie and a Texan driving down a rural
Oklahoma road with the Okie at the wheel. All of a sudden, the Okie*
slams on the brakes and exclaims,

"OOOOO-WEEE !!! Wilya look over yonder!
I am a Christian and I can't let this situation continue!"

SO the Okie leaps out of the car and sprints up the hill where a sheep
has her head stuck in a fence. Being a Decent Christian White Man, the
Okie "has his way" with the sheep, and some minutes later, saunters down
the hill with a Big-Ass Grin on his face, and announces to the Texan in
the passenger seat, "It's your turn."

The Texan walked up the hill , pulls his pants down , and stuck his head
in the fence next to the sheepw then shouts

I'm ready
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