The United States, an Empire of Mass Surveillance

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US RECRUITED 1 in 24 Americans as citizen spies in 2002
That is ONE SPY for every SIX HOUSES on your street. Just think about it.

Replace the word US in the titles with China or Russia or some middle
eastern country.

Your brain will react with AUTOMATIC "HATE, DISGUST and CONTEMPT" and
automatically perceive them as "authoritarian evil countries"

But for US and UK, your brains WON'T react like that, BECAUSE your
CUNNING EVIL GOVTs "brainwashed you 24x7" for DECADES that your
countries are "ANGELIC DEMOCRACIES", and China, Russia are EVIL
authoritarian countries.

Simple psychological tactic:

If you brainwash your populace that your country is "superior civilized
angelic democracy", you can get away with literally everything,
including MURDERING 2 million muslims or some other race or religion or
ethnicity with PURE LIES and THIEVERY.

That's exactly what YOUR EVIL GOVTs are doing to you.

Brainwashing you 24x7x365 that US and UK are ANGELIC DEMOCRACIES and
GRID and neurally enslaving you "FOREVER".

CIA NSA Supercomputer AI is "OVERTLY" torturing me for the last 21 years
and "COVERTLY manipulating your lives" every day without your knowledge
and consent.

They WON'T PHYSICALLY TORTURE you "for the time being" because IF THEY
DO, then you will BELIEVE ME.

But ONCE they link majority of human species' brains to Networked
Supercomputers AI GRID, then they will REVEAL it to you all, that YOUR
BRAINS are LINKED to AI "for life", like perpetrator Kevin Svenson said
in the tweet below.

You are all "biological drones" for the last 15 years because your
brains are LINKED to NSA HIVE AI GRID with your "UNIQUE" DNA Resonance
Frequencies. If they want they can kill you, torture you, download
knowledge into your brains and make you smarter, remove memories, add
memories, and literally manipulate your brains however they want AT

They can IMPLANT fake sexual abuse memories in your neighbor's kids and
make them ACCUSE YOU of raping them, but NOT A SINGLE entity on this
planet will be able to help you to prove your innocence BECAUSE human
brains CANNOT distinguish between REAL MEMORIES and FAKE MEMORIES.

If you know what I know about the EVIL CIA NSA MI6 ASIS, you will pack
up your bags and RUN AWAY and LIVE IN RUSSIA or CHINA or North Korea
because those countries DON'T HAVE this Neuroweapons and EVIL AI yet,
like Yuval Noah Harari said in that column I posted a few days ago.
The plan of the Transhumanist agenda is to gradually absorb all
civilians into the Global Brain, takeover the mind of humanity, and then
slowly reveal to individual civilians that they are “tuned in” to this
Brain machine interface system.

#GlobalBrain #WorldSentientSimulation
Military / Intelligence black projects have been dispersing
Nano-Material into public circulation for decades.

It began with experimentation … but is now in prime time full
operational use.

The human race is secretly being terraformed into a species of
biological drones.
Nano Particulate Matter found in the air, water, plants, and food worldwide.

Intelligence agencies want to cover every inch of the earth in
nanoparticles creating a literal matrix grid.

The public will only find out once this hits mainstream news … and by
then it’s too late.


The United States, an Empire of Mass Surveillance

From 2008 to 2021, the United States Immigration and Customs
Enforcement has spent approximately US$2.8 billion on surveillance, data
collection and data-sharing initiatives.

For decades, the United States has conducted indiscriminate mass
surveillance of its citizens, as well as of foreign governments,
companies and individuals. Various surveillance projects implemented by
Washington have been unveiled one after another in recent years,
exposing more evidence of America's pervasive and ubiquitous
surveillance of the world.


According to a recent report by Georgetown University Law Center's
Center on Privacy and Technology, the United States Immigration and
Customs Enforcement (ICE) has expanded far beyond its role as an
immigration agency to become a "domestic surveillance agency."

The ICE has developed a dragnet surveillance system that allows it to
collect detailed dossiers on nearly every person in America at any time,
without any judicial, legislative, or public oversight, said the report
titled "American Dragnet: Data-driven Deportation in the 21st Century."

From 2008 to 2021, the ICE has spent approximately US$2.8 billion on
surveillance, data collection and data-sharing initiatives, the report
said, noting the agency has been able to access utility record
information of over 218 million customers across all 50 states. The ICE
is not the only agency in the U.S. that has overreached its authority
and abused citizens' private personal data. In fact, mass surveillance
in the United States has become institutionalized.

Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the United States enacted numerous
laws to expand the government's surveillance powers for national
security reasons. The U.S. Congress greenlighted the Patriot Act in
2001, which covers Section 215, one of the most controversial programs
for domestic and international surveillance.

In 2008, Congress approved Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence
Surveillance Act, which allows the government to collect communications
concerning foreign intelligence targets without a warrant.

Following the disclosure by former National Security Agency (NSA)
contractor Edward Snowden and Wikileaks of the U.S. government's abuse
of power to collect millions of Americans' private data, the ensuing
public outcry prompted Congress to prohibit the notorious bugging
project PRISM. However, the government actually never stops abusing its
power to carry out indiscriminate surveillance on its citizens.

In 2021 alone, the FBI has conducted up to 3.4 million warrantless
searches of Americans' phone calls, emails and text messages, the Hill
reported, citing the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The U.S. surveillance network has spread beyond its borders, targeting
not only adversaries but also allies. In May 2021, Denmark's national
broadcaster DR News reported that the Danish Defense Intelligence
Service had given the NSA open Internet access to spy on senior
politicians of neighboring countries, including then German Chancellor
Angela Merkel.

The NSA purposefully obtained data and thus was able to spy on targeted
heads of state, as well as neighboring Scandinavian leaders, top
politicians, and high-ranking officials in Germany, Sweden, Norway, and
France, the report said, which caused global shock and fury.

French President Emmanuel Macron said in May 2021 that this "is
unacceptable between allies, even less between allies and European
partners," and Merkel said she "could only agree" with Macron's comments.

But that was not unfamiliar to European leaders. In 2013, Snowden
revealed that Washington had been spying on the email and cell phone
communications of as many as 35 world leaders. Journalist Glenn
Greenwald exposed in his book No Place to Hide that a single unit of the
NSA had collected more than 97 billion emails and 124 billion phone
calls from around the world in just 30 days in 2013.

The powerful mass surveillance system has helped the United States make
profits. For example, in 2013, reports of the U.S. magazine WIRED
surfaced that Brazil's state oil and gas giant Petrobras was a prime
target of U.S. government spying activity.

"Washington is losing its moral ground," the German magazine Focus
quoted an expert on foreign policy as saying. With its global
surveillance network, "the U.S. itself is the true eavesdropper," Focus
said, though the country prefers to frame itself as a victim of spying.

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