Twitter4R v0.6.0 release for Snowflake preparation

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Nov 3, 2010, 11:05:58 PM11/3/10
to twitter4r-users

For those of you that are unaware (I forgot about it till almost the
last minute), will *gradually* be changing the look and
size of the Tweet IDs over the next 3+ weeks (starting with tomorrow
with a minimal change). The latest official announcement of the
Snowflake rollout by can be found here:

Partly due to this (and also because there were some loose ends I
wanted to tie up) I made a few changes and released the v0.6.0 RubyGem
* Added t4r* scripts to the RubyGem distribution.
* Refactored REST errors into class hierarchy.
* Added :id_str attribute to Twitter::Status.

I also ensured that the new Tweet ID JSON test ran smoothly in Ruby
1.8.7 and Ruby 1.9.2. See issue #6 on GitHub below for more details:

For more details about rescuing from specific REST errors that might
be raised by the REST API you can view the write up in the GitHub
issue #5 below:

The only Twitter4R applications that might be affected by this
Snowflake rollout over the next few weeks might be those that store
the Tweet/Status IDs in database fields that will be too small after
the full rollout. You will need to migrate your databases.

For good measure, I have added the :id_str attribute to the
Twitter::Status model, so if you would prefer to access directly from
the API and store the tweet IDs as strings instead then you may do
so. However, for most Ruby application (except those with specific DB
ID size constraints already in place) this should not be an issue.

PS Please note that I had to change the twitter username for Twitter4R
to @t4ruby recently.
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