Twitter API "housecleaning" update

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Mar 7, 2012, 11:32:44 PM3/7/12
to twitter4r-users
Hi all,

For all those on v0.6.0+ you will need to make an important update to
your Twitter4R configuration settings for your production applications
BEFORE 2012-03-14 (14th March, 2012). Something like the following:

Twitter.configure do |c| = ""
c.path_prefix = "1"

If in doubt please post to this list and I will try to figure out any
issues that might arise from this new configuration change.

See the "API Housekeeping" blog post[1] for more details on the
changes Twitter are making to the API.

In the meantime I am rapidly working on some changes for a v0.8.0:
* Adding the ability to update with media attachments (via uploading
service). [status: testing now; minor issues to resolve]
* Merging a pull request from domrout on GitHub who has added support
for TweetEntities (stoked about that). [status: need to merge in and
add tests]
* Removing any deprecated APIs that Twitter will be removing on
2012-03-14. [status: not started yet]

I am hoping to release a new version (v0.8.0) on Friday afternoon/
evening (US Central time zone). If you have any quick and low risk
changes that you would like to see get in v0.8.0 (like adding new
attributes that Twitter4R doesn't support in the models yet) then
please reply here or submit a pull request to
Thanks for all your patience. I haven't been using Twitter4R in
production in about 18 months, but that might be changing soon. So you
might be seeing a few more updates to Twitter4R.


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