Twitter4R v0.5.1 bugfix release

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Sep 7, 2010, 2:00:01 AM9/7/10
to twitter4r-users
Hi all,

I worked on the following bugfixes since the OAuth v0.5.0 release:
* Fixed consumer token override issue.
* Fixed 'key' and 'secret' only allowed to be passed in as string
keys issue (see previous three threads on v0.5.0 release).
* Added OAuth proxy support based on previous Twitter::Configuration
settings (new default and new setting parameter, see documentation).
* Fixed documentation bugs (renamed :per_page parameter option
to :count as per API docs)
* Fixed specific OAuth GET requests that were not passing options
appropriately to the OAuth request Ruby API, therefore some APIs were
not being sent with customized parameters.

You can download and install the latest Twitter4R v0.5.1 release from
$ [sudo] gem install twitter4r -v 0.5.1

The first two bugs that most people had problem with on this mailing
list can be tested by running the following script with v0.5.1:

Twitter::Client.configure do |conf|
conf.oauth_consumer_token = CONSUMER_KEY
conf.oauth_consumer_secret = CONSUMER_SECRET

client = => { :key =>
client.status(:post, "Validating two bugfixes in one roundtrip test.")

If anyone has any questions about the other bugfixes let me know.
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