AMD and globals in the same package?

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Matthew Amato

Feb 3, 2015, 8:05:40 PM2/3/15
I'm trying to create an official bower package for Cesium (, but have a few questions that I couldn't find answers to in the doc or searching this form (and neither I or any of the other maintainers have used bower before).

1. We do not submit builds to our GitHub repository, nor do we intend to. If I understand it correctly, it is okay to make a bower specific repository to host our releases and then register `cesium` to point to that?

2. Cesium can be used as both a set of AMD modules or as a minimum Cesium.js file. Are there any issues with having both in the same package, should we actually have two separate packages (cesium and cesium-amd)? (Which means two custom bower repositories).

3. For the globals solution, our minified JS has less error checking than the unminified version; so we normally recommend people develop against the unminified single file and then release with the minified version.  Is there any official way to handle something like that in bower?  Should I like the minified or unminified version under "main"?


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