Bower hangs on random packages when adding private component

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Emmanuel Bourgerie

Mar 19, 2015, 2:19:52 PM3/19/15

I apologise in advance for the lack of information, I am actually trying to gather as much as I can.

We are using bower for our project to include 3rd-party open-source software from the main bower repository, as well as components that we publish on our own private bower repository (behind a firewall).

As long as we were using only components from the official bower repository everything was working fine, but when we tried to include a private component we noticed that bower would "hang" in the middle of `bower install`, specifically on our CI machines.
On development machines, no problem noticed, everything works fine.

On the jenkins host, the install command hangs on different components depending on the context (jenkins would fail installing `angular-i18n`, running manually the command would fail for `jquery-ui-sortable`).

Trying `bower info <private-module-name>` (let's call it `core`) would also hang:

    bower core#*            not-cached*
    bower core#*               resolve*
    bower core#*              checkout v0.10.0

`--verbose` won't give any additional information.

Content of `.bowerrc`:

        "registry": "",
        "directory": "app/vendor",
        "json": "bower.json"

Version of bower used: 1.3.12
Node: v0.10.34
Jenkins host OS: Linux/Centos

This is crucial for us and are willing to provide any help/contribution to get this issue sorted.
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