Streaming API Graduates To Production Status

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John Kalucki

Jan 5, 2010, 5:36:43 PM1/5/10
The Twitter Streaming API is now a full production service.

The Streaming API first entered Alpha test on April 15, 2009. Over the
intervening months, many websites, including some of the largest web
properties, have quickly and reliably integrated with Twitter using
the Streaming API. All Twitter accounts have basic access to sampled
streams, user following, keyword tracking, and now geo tag tracking.
Elevated access to the Streaming API includes higher rate limits for
track, larger user follow limits, and full-fidelity streams for links,
retweets, on up to the full "Firehose" feed. Further announcements
will provide a framework for elevated access to these higher volume streams.

If your application performs repeated automated searches against the
Search API or repeated scans of user timelines against, you should begin your migration from the REST APIs to
the Streaming API. Planned features include lowering the hurdles for
integrations and improving searching features.

We're also previewing geo tag track for feedback. You can select
statuses that are geo tagged within bounding boxes. Please provide
feedback on the feature, but beware that the feature may evolve
somewhat over the next few weeks. Details on the wiki:

-John Kalucki
Services, Twitter Inc.

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