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Apr 4, 2018, 6:30:50 AM4/4/18

Hello, I take the liberty to send you an email asking you about Emulab. I am a graduate student from Nanjing University in China. I was recently learning some knowledge about the Emulab simulation platform. I tried to build my own Emulab simulation platform. However, due to limited resources, I installed both the server and the node on the VM. Boss server is based on FreeBSD10.3 and IP is The ops server is based on FreeBSD10.3 and the IP is

(The server is installed according to

The node is an Ubuntu system. The IP of node1 is, and the IP of node2 is

(The node is installed according to

Here I did not consider the separation of network segments. Now I try to write an NS2 script to run on the ops server, but nothing happens. I would like to ask how the parsing of these NS2 files is done on the ops server. Does it have its own parsing program? Is there control of the server to the node is achieved through SSH command ? ? ?

Thank you a lot!


##my NS2 script

set ns [new Simulator]

source tb_compat.tcl

# Nodes

set node1 [$ns node]

set node2 [$ns node]


tb-set-ip $node1

tb-set-ip $node2

# Lans

set lan0 [$ns make-lan "$node1 $node2" 100Mb 0.0ms]


tb-set-ip-lan $node1 $lan0

tb-set-ip-lan $node2 $lan0


$ns rtproto Static

$ns run


您好,冒昧地发邮件给您询问一些有关Emulab的事情。我是来自南京大学的一名研究生。最近在学习一些有关emulab仿真平台的知识。我尝试去搭建一个自己的emulab仿真平台。但是由于资源有限,我把服务器和节点都是安装在VM虚拟机上的。我的boss服务器是FreeBSD10.3 IP192.168.237.157 ops服务器是FreeBSD10.3 IP192.168.237.156。(服务器根据进行安装)节点是Ubuntu系统,node1IP192.168.237.154node2IP192.168.237.162。(节点根据这里我先没有考虑网段的分离。现在我尝试去写一个NS2脚本在ops服务器上运行,但是没有任何反应。我想问那么ops服务器上到底是怎么解析这些NS2文件的呢?它有自己的解析程序吗?还有就是ops服务器或者boss服务器对节点的控制是通过SSH命令来实现的吗???


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