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Welcome to the Twin Cities Incident Page.  

This site is designed to provide details for active Public Safety Incidents.

All new members are moderated. As long as your post follows the rules below you will be approved for posting and moderation will be removed.

This site is for active public safety incidents in the Twin Cities- however any details that compromise officer safety must be omitted: including details on undercover operations, locations of officers on a perimeter or standoff. Traffic enforcements, Surveillance and stings operations are not to be posted on this Group. Comments and open discussion of incidents should not be posted to this group.

Failure to follow the above guidelines will result the loss of posting ability.

Format messages as follows:

Subject line- City & Incident Type

Body of Message:

Location-address/cross streets or area- except as noted above.


Incident Details 

 Voice Chat is now available for Android, Iphone, PC, Blackberry and Windows Mobile users via Zello / Loudtalks.TCIP talkgroups are: TCIPMN Active Incidents- updates on incidents paged out

TCIPMN Chat- open talkgroup

TCIPMN-nat - used for major fires - goes out to national fire group

TCIPMN-Announcement Group- notification of incidents - no updates

Please Limit Messages on TCIP to breaking Incidents. If you have questions comments or information related to a completed incident please use the co site- TCIP 2

TCIP 2- Incident Discussion Page 


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