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Rodolfo V. Moreno

Dec 25, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/25/96

The SHOELACER. Patent Copyright might be pending later.
Whereas one does a fake between the legs bounce, instead of switching
hands, one makes it bounce behind him then retrieves it with the same
hand, drag step, fake corresponding direction, then immediately does a
behind the back dribble. Rodolfo Jr. Moreno: Kits beach legend

Another where one bounces a ball around someone with a high rotating
top and side spin bounce, he runs around the other side and catches it
when the bounce ends up in his hands.
Penny Hardaway

Another where one seems like he's gonna switch ball from right hand to
the left, bounce while stepping with the left foot, but ball bounces
in front of right knee, lifts right knee a bit so ball bounces off right
knee forward, chases ball, jumper over stunned defender.
Steve Nash ?

Another one where one doues a between the legs dribble with back towards
defender, has many options, left, right, fake between the leg bounce, etc.

UTEP Two Step Tim Hardaway.
I think he does a between the legs dribble left to right,
crouches on the right leg, then jumps off the right leg
and lands on the right leg while bouncing the ball, looking like
a crossover.

CYCLOTRON Rotating Fadeaway Jumper
Back towards basket. Arm in shooting position.
Step with right foot away from basket, ball of foot
on ground for leverage. Jump away from basket, since ball of foot gives
leverage. Rotate in air towards basket, can use momentum to put up shot.
Release at top of flight.
Can set it up. Can set it up. Good since defender arm chases you and is
not up. Patent Pendant Maybe Later Rodolfo Jr. Moreno

Triple Threat Stutter Step.

left foot planted, right foot steps, does a stutter step or makes noise on
ground, steps left off of right foot.if defender takes it.

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