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xyz軟體更新~SolidWorks 2014繁體中文版dgdg

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Dec 16, 2013, 7:38:09 PM12/16/13
xyz�n���s~SolidWorks 2014�c�餤�媩
XYZ �n��ɵ��� XYZ��T�u�{

���@�Ŷ��]�k�v�M�~��7.0 +�w����}��+�о� �c�餤��DVD��
�饻�����@�� ���ܱ������ֶ� �^�y�o��/�c��r�� DVD��
SolidWorks 2014 ��X SP0.0 ����ҫ��s�@�t�� �^��/�c�餤��DVD��
����T�G�Z�h���� The Wolverine �^�y�o��/�c��r�� DVD��
�L�n Windows 8.1 6�X1 �@�~�t�� �����줸 �h��y��/�c�餤��DVD��
�L�n Windows 8.1 6�X1 �@�~�t�� �����줸 �h��y��/�c�餤��DVD��
�L�n Windows 8.1 Pro VL �@�~�t�� �����줸�c�餤��DVD��
�L�n Windows 8.1 Pro VL �@�~�t�� �����줸�c�餤��DVD��
�L�n Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64 �@�~�t�� �c�餤��DVD��
�L�n Windows 8.1 Enterprise �@�~�t�� �����줸�^��DVD��
�L�n Windows 8.1 Enterprise x32 �@�~�t�� �c�餤��DVD��
���¾�~�x�y NBA 2K14 ��|�v�����C�� �c�餤��DVD��
���@�M�h 2 Darksiders 2 �ʧ@���C�� �c�餤��w��DVD9�� (2DVD)
���١G���s�� Dragon Commander �����t�C�� ²�餤��w�ЧK�w��DVD9�� (2DVD)
�L�n Windows 8.1 Enterprise �@�~�t�� �����줸 �^��DVD��
�L�n Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 �{���}�o �^��DVD��
�L�n Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 �{���}�o ²�餤��DVD��
�L�n Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 �{���}�o �c�餤��DVD��
�L�n Visual Studio Premium 2013 �{���}�o �^��DVD��
�L�n Office 2013 Collection V2 8�X1 �줽�Ǥ�ưȳB�z �c�餤��DVD��
�L�n Windows 8.1 Language Pack X64 �h��y�t�M�� ������y�t�M��DVD��
�L�n Windows 8.1 Language Pack X86 �h��y�t�M�� ������y�t�M��DVD��
�L�n Windows Server 2012 Language Pack �h��y�t�M�� ������y�t�M��DVD��
�L�n Windows Server 2012.R2 Language Pack �h��y�t�M�� ������y�t�M��DVD��
�L�n Windows Server 2012 R2 �@�~�t�� �^��/��/��/²�c�餤��DVD��
102�Ǧ~�W�Ǵ� �ꤤ�R�D��� 1��3�~�� �n�@�� (���~�šB�����) ����X��DVD��
102�Ǧ~�W�Ǵ� �ꤤ�R�D��� 1��3�~�� �d�a�� (���~�šB�����) ����X��DVD��
102�Ǧ~�W�Ǵ� �ꤤ�R�D��� 1��3�~�� ���L�� (���~�šB�����) ����X��DVD��
102�~�W�Ǵ� �ꤤ1-3�~�ŮեΨ�+���+����ƪ���(�t�d�a.�n�@.���L������`�X�誩) ����DVD��
102�Ǧ~�W�Ǵ� �ꤤ1-2�~�� �ƪ��������(�t���w�d�a.���L.�n�@��+���ұd�a.���L��)
102�Ǧ~�W�Ǵ� �����եΨ� 1-2�~�� �ƾǬ�+�^���(�t�T��.���F.�s��.�n�@.�d�Q)

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