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Welcome to the Thames Valley RepRap Users group forum. FAQ and more info can be found at the wiki. (see note below)

We are a community that came together in the Autumn of 2011, to do a group build of machines based around the Opensource 3D Printer, the Mendal/Prusa from Our first build of 20 machines was completed early 2012, and some these machines replicated themselves for the Round2 builders. The design is revised by the interests & experiences of the members. It is driven by custom designed electronics that are part of a separate Opensource hardware multi-axis controller project. Round 2 was completed early 2013 and Round 3 is now complete too. A Round 4 was planned, the design tested and is on a hiatus as the group has found in interest in improving a wider variety of cheaper kits that give the best of low cost and quality prints.

Everyone can view this group, but posting is restricted to group members. If you want to post questions, please join this group noting the moderation policy below: Complete the "Reason" box with a note of who you are and your area of interest. (Without this info your request will be most likely be declined)

A number of group members still meet in Reading, Berkshire at the Reading Hackspace (, that has it's own Ultimaker 3DP, and others meet at other hackspaces and at 3D printed related events. Also check out the Wokingham Digital Makers Google Group.

The TVRRUG wiki has been archived and is available on ( N.B. it seems the images are not archived there, so as at July '20 the wiki is available at: this is generously offered by Hannah and subject to change.