Radio Orienteering : Come and try it Sun 6th June

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Robin Bishop

Jun 3, 2021, 5:15:44 PM6/3/21
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Hi Everyone,

The RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) are hosting an Radio Orienteering
activity at Hodgemoor Woods on Sun 6th June. This is a 'Come and try it'
style activity specifically aimed for people who have never tried it before.

The activity is detailed here but a brief
summary is below.

Find registration in the Hodgemoor car park and pick up a loan receiver
Have some instruction on how to use a receiver, it's quite easy. It is
just a transistor radio with two adjustments, tuning and volume.
Gain some understanding on what you are listening to.
Go and find a continuous transmitter and return
Go and find a second continuous transmitter and return
Go and find two transmitters 60 sec each in a 120 sec cycle
Go and find five transmitters 30 sec each in a 150 sec cycle

Loan equipment is available, but please let me know you are coming so I
can put a receiver aside for you. Ideally please bring along a set of
light weight headphones with a 3.5mm jack plug to use with the receiver.

The activity at Hodgemoor will use the 80m band (3.5Mhz)
Smaller receivers and clearer signals.

There are a couple of videos about Radio Orienteering.
Both use the 2m band (144Mhz) receivers for their examples

The first is by Andy Soltysik on the RSGB-ARDF page

The second is a hour long presentation by the Radio-O chairman
trying to entice Radio Amateurs out of their shacks and into
the woods. It is targetted at Radio people, but there is an
orienteering example half way through which give you some
idea of how a standard event works and what you should do.

We should be running a couple of these events over Summer so if
you would like to try Radio-O but can't make Sunday, then please
let me know and I'll try and arrange a suitable future date.

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