want information regarding functional connectivity in TVB web interface

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Maria Nazir

Feb 22, 2023, 8:37:16 AMFeb 22
to TVB Users
  Dear TVB community,

I hope you all are doing well. I did some simulations and want to ask some questions from you related to the image shown below.  The image show some simulation results on the right.

So I simulated SC.zip and got the time series bold by simulating the bold monitor. Then from the analysis tab, I went to the functional connectivity dynamic matrix calculator and got two FCD as can be seen in the above image so i am confused which one is the simulated FCD matrix that can be compared with the empirical FCD already given with the brain tumor TVB data ?? 

Secondly, I also found pearson correlation coefficients using the analyzer tab of the time series bold which I originally got as i told above by simulating SC. zip. The correlation coefficients data type can also be seen in the figure above. FC is actually found by calculating the Pearson correlation coefficients . So are these correlation coefficients the required simulated FC that I am finding or the previous one ?? I am literally confused about these two ( 2 FCD matrix and Pearson correlation coefficients ). If they both are the same thing then why is the TVB web interface giving us both options and which one is the right FC matrix  to use for further analysis and comparison with the empirical FC.mat ??

Your help is highly needed and appreciated.

Lia Domide

Feb 28, 2023, 2:04:59 AMFeb 28
to TVB Users
Dear Maria,

I think this question is a duplication, but I will copy the answer here also:

All of the results from your screenshot (TimeSeriesBold, 2 FCD, PearsonCorrCoef) are simulated.
They were computed with TVB code. You can read about those algorithms in our public repo:

Pearson Correlation Coef


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