Use of user-defined cortical mesh

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Aug 21, 2023, 7:00:21 AM8/21/23
to TVB Users
Dear TVB experts,

I am creating this new post to ask for your help.
I am using my data to create the cortex surface in TVB: I have generated the data with Freesurfer recon-all command and then converted to TVB format with the script .

I have successfully generated all the outputs of the cortex (zipped in a file):
- normals.txt
- triangles.txt
- vertices.txt

They are 15206 vertices, 15206 normals, and 29999 triangles.

At the same time when I try to use this cortex in the Jupiter Notebooks included with TVB, like "exploring_a_surface_mesh" or "display_surface_local_connectivity", modifying only the command  cortex.Cortex.from_file() to add the path to my zipped cortex file, and then running the cell, it returns a "Dead kernel" error or "The kernel appears to have died. It will restart automatically". This does not happen with the default TVB cortex.

I found a similar topic in a previous conversation
but cannot find the resolution.

I would be grateful if you could help me with the above.

Thank you very much, appreciated your support!


Lia Domide

Aug 21, 2023, 10:44:24 AM8/21/23
to TVB Users
Hi Michelangelo,

Any chance that you privately send me your mesh ZIP to look into more details ?


Lia Domide

Aug 21, 2023, 4:05:19 PM8/21/23
to TVB Users
Hi Michelangelo,

Please have a look at the new form for the 2 mentioned notebooks: 

I trust in this form, they can be easier adapted to usage of a custom mesh.
Let me know if this works for you.



Sep 4, 2023, 12:53:33 PM9/4/23
to TVB Users
Dear Lia,

with the last version of the Jupyter Notebooks and using last version of TVB (2.7.2), both the Notebooks now work with my own data!
I tried to use also the Notebook "tutorial_s2_surface_simulation.ipynb", replacing as suggested the class "cortex" with the class "surfaces.CorticalSurface"

%pylab inline

#Import a bunch of stuff to ease command line usage
from tvb.simulator.lab import *

#Initialise a Model, Coupling, and Connectivity.

oscillator = models.Generic2dOscillator()

white_matter = connectivity.Connectivity.from_file('/')

white_matter.speed = numpy.array([4.0])


white_matter_coupling = coupling.Linear(a=numpy.array([0.014]))


#Initialise an Integrator

heunint = integrators.HeunDeterministic(dt=2**-4)


#Initialise a surface

default_cortex = surfaces.CorticalSurface.from_file("/")

default_cortex = white_matter

default_cortex.coupling_strength = numpy.array([2**-10])

default_cortex.local_connectivity = local_connectivity.LocalConnectivity.from_file()


#Initialise some Monitors with period in physical time

mon_tavg = monitors.TemporalAverage(period=2**-2)

mon_savg = monitors.SpatialAverage(period=2**-2)

# load the default region mapping

rm = region_mapping.RegionMapping.from_file('/sub-01_region_mapping.txt')

mon_eeg = monitors.EEG.from_file('/sub-01_EEG_Locations.txt')


#Bundle them

what_to_watch = (mon_tavg, mon_savg, mon_eeg)


#Initialise Simulator -- Model, Connectivity, Integrator, Monitors, and surface.

sim = simulator.Simulator(model = oscillator, connectivity = white_matter,

                          coupling = white_matter_coupling, 

                          integrator = heunint, monitors = what_to_watch,

                          surface = default_cortex)



However this lead to the following error:

TraitTypeError: Attribute can't be set to an instance of <class 'tvb.datatypes.connectivity.Connectivity'>

  attribute tvb.simulator.simulator.Simulator.surface = Attr(field_type=<class 'tvb.datatypes.cortex.Cortex'>, default=None, required=False)

This looks generated by the use of the class "surfaces.CorticalSurface".

I would be grateful if anybody could suggest a possible fix.

Thank you very much

Lia Domide

Sep 19, 2023, 1:41:34 AM9/19/23
to TVB Users

tutorial_s2_surface_simulation.ipynb is not supposed to have similar changes as in the other 2 demos. 
In this case the class CorticalSurface needs to remain in use.
We are expected to compute the LocalConnectivity on this class for obtaining all the data needed for surface level simulations.


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