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Lloyd Davis

Apr 7, 2008, 11:45:39 AM4/7/08
Hey everybody!

The Friday morning meetups are proving our concept beautifully - at
our busiest we had a turnover of around 50 people through the morning
- there is a solid core of regulars emerging, those who can't make it
every week are still up for helping however they can and there are
*still* new people coming in through the doors and going "Oh, this is
really good!"

I'd like to move things forward towards the bigger vision of having a
permanent place where we can socialise, work and learn. I think we
have a great opportunity here to walk the talk of "organising without
organisations" and so in order to make sure that the thinking and
working goes on outside of just my head and the handful of people I'm
able to have one-to-one conversations with, I've seeded a few pages on
the wiki under the heading of THINGS TO DO

What's there is very rough but it's a start - feel free to add, amend,
or completely disagree with anything you find there. If you don't
feel comfortable *editing* stuff in the wiki or you want to ask
questions, or discuss something without changing the wiki then this
mailgroup is for that too. Please do at least take a look though and
invite others in to help too.

Hope to see you one Friday soon :)


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